Friday, October 28, 2011

Early American crafts comes alive in California Dee's part two

Fall arrives in California

                                                    What a peaceful window

Part two at Dee’s

Dee is also a carver that carves dolls,pumpkins, hearts and much more.Dee adds that touch to prim that makes a piece of wood have a simple early American touches. I asked Dee for advice on carving awhile ago and she gave me some advice on picking a good carving Knife.I have a little wooden box that holds my little carving tools. I am a novice but trying!  So when Dee gave me this little bird she had started I am so excited to finish it and have hubby make a little stand.The little card she had for me was so cute with just a simple glued on picture on a piece of crimped paper and a piece of homespun its so priceless.I love her ideas.I can hardly wait to put my cross up that Dee made.

Lets continue our exploring

                              Every where you turn there is something that makes you smile

                                            More of Dee's hooked Rugs. I took the pictures on her real
                                            brick floors.

                                              To make a pincushion.. First grab a plate or saucer.
                                              Then grab a piece of fabric draw a pattern using the saucer
                                              Cut two circles then cut a strip for the sides .
                                              Sew together with the side strip between the circles, Stuff

                                                                 Of course she made the hearts

                                                            Dee took carving classes years ago

                                                            sitting on the staircase

                                                            These sheep are happy to graze on her mantle

Pig made by a well known craft person

pewter and a mouse

                                       Even a little doll top sitting on some fabric looks precious

cloth pumpkins 

                                                           Someone has a pumpkin

                                                             carved heart next to the doll

                                                          another hooked rug

                                                                Happy Halloween

                                                                 Some more carving

and so I  leave with a look out the window I thank Dee for her gracious hospitality and allowing me to dash about taking pictures.I feel like a Jane Austen book having stepped back in time for a little while.

                                                 bye house.....Hopefully back at Christmas time


Courtney said...

She is a master decorator, indeed. She reminds me of a neighbor I had when I lived in my Grammy's old house. The house always looked so beautiful. Your friend has many skills and talents...she must be a powerhouse of energy. I love that you are learning to carve.

Gayle said...

Thank you for sharing all the pictures of Dee's wonderfully prim home - she's very talented and has great taste! LOVE IT!

Dog Trot Farm said...

WOW, what a beautiful home. I love all the collections, displays and crafts, Dee is one talented lady. I am sure I could learn a thing or two from her. Thank you for taking us on this visual candy tour! Thought you might like to know it is snowing here in Maine! Blessings, Julie.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Julie, The first snow I wish we had seasons!Stay warm. Cheri