Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween


Baby Jack and his Dragon outfit

                             I think this is the cutest picture call me the crazy Nana! Maulie had to
                             get second billing.Sorry Maulie
                             Megan my daughter started a blog and here
                             is her Halloween picture
                             of Baby Jack
                            So check out her blog I know it will make you smile!                                   

                                                             a Puzzled Bee

                                           Maulie's Halloween outfit from last year!
                                                             I'm a Bee

Friday, October 28, 2011

Early American crafts comes alive in California Dee's part two

Fall arrives in California

                                                    What a peaceful window

Part two at Dee’s

Dee is also a carver that carves dolls,pumpkins, hearts and much more.Dee adds that touch to prim that makes a piece of wood have a simple early American touches. I asked Dee for advice on carving awhile ago and she gave me some advice on picking a good carving Knife.I have a little wooden box that holds my little carving tools. I am a novice but trying!  So when Dee gave me this little bird she had started I am so excited to finish it and have hubby make a little stand.The little card she had for me was so cute with just a simple glued on picture on a piece of crimped paper and a piece of homespun its so priceless.I love her ideas.I can hardly wait to put my cross up that Dee made.

Lets continue our exploring

                              Every where you turn there is something that makes you smile

                                            More of Dee's hooked Rugs. I took the pictures on her real
                                            brick floors.

                                              To make a pincushion.. First grab a plate or saucer.
                                              Then grab a piece of fabric draw a pattern using the saucer
                                              Cut two circles then cut a strip for the sides .
                                              Sew together with the side strip between the circles, Stuff

                                                                 Of course she made the hearts

                                                            Dee took carving classes years ago

                                                            sitting on the staircase

                                                            These sheep are happy to graze on her mantle

Pig made by a well known craft person

pewter and a mouse

                                       Even a little doll top sitting on some fabric looks precious

cloth pumpkins 

                                                           Someone has a pumpkin

                                                             carved heart next to the doll

                                                          another hooked rug

                                                                Happy Halloween

                                                                 Some more carving

and so I  leave with a look out the window I thank Dee for her gracious hospitality and allowing me to dash about taking pictures.I feel like a Jane Austen book having stepped back in time for a little while.

                                                 bye house.....Hopefully back at Christmas time

Let's Explore a Early American Fall Home of Dee's

                                   What a wonderful way to open your door with a Pumpkins sign!
                Dee greeted me warmly with a smile.I could hardly wait to see her home again.

If your fortunate enough to meet kind people along your lifes path your a lucky person. I met Dee in our rug hooking group at Country Loft years ago. My first impression I had of Dee was she always had a smile on her face an infectious laugh and a great attitude! Dee's creative artistic eye is stamped all over her home and garden.I always loved when she brought in whatever she was working on at home to our rug hooking group to share.
Some people have the gift of making others feel welcome in their home that would be Dee. With a happy smile and a "Come on in." I was back in another time era for the fall.   What an enchanting glimpse of a way of life that makes your eyes constantly move drawn to see what's around the next corner in this special home.

                                                  Nature is all around her in the middle of the city


                                                     Love her Cross on the tree she made

                                                                    pumpkins she made 

                                                                   little pillows

   Log cabin she made

I am on a quest for more Monarch butterflies in gardens so I brought a Milkweed plant for Dee’s front yard garden. Hopefully next spring she will have Monarchs dancing around her garden.
 So between a nice cup of tea and a almond dessert we had a nice visit and then we were off to see some homes her husband had built on the hill years ago. After that we went to the loft and I bought some milk paint and some applique needles.What a fun full day!  Thanks Dee.                                                

                                   Black Doll

                                                       Sunflowers,Pumpkins and Pomegranites

                                                       Dee's cat rug

                                   What a great mailbox!I love all her pumpkins she has made!

                                                              What a sweet cheerful plant

                                                       Dee's cozy front room

                                                           Dee's been making pin cushions

                                                                         Boo! Boo! Boo!

                                                    .             Part two.....this weekend

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rughooking Tuesday and where I would love to store some wool!

I could just see my wools stored in this piece of old furniture

All the plans in the world change when a light goes off in your Suv . While driving home from rug hooking I turned on my lights when a check gauge light went off. I turned off my lights then turned them on again it was gone so as an after thought I mentioned to hubby a light went on. Well I am glad I mentioned it!I need a radiator(sad  face) so I am stuck at home and that’s one way to get my housework done. I was so looking forward to seeing Dee’s home and what she has been working on but I am hoping the Suv gets fixed quick so I can get over there this week.I keep thinking what a waste of money for a dumb radiator I could get so much wool with that money.Oh well!

This is a glimpse of my day yesterday at rug hooking.

Have your ever tried listening to three conversations at once. Lol. Well so much was going on with our group. Georgia was still visiting and so that was nice having her in our group one more time. Stephanie came in with a book.  Stephanies home is in a book! The book is called An Early Christmas by Tina Woltman


                                     Check out pictures from Stephanies last show


Marjorie our resident natural dyer experimenter had piece of wool using pomegranates and black walnuts over white wool.

                                                                  Pomegranite dyeing

                                                                              walnut hulls
We were all walking around the shop looking at what came in. The owners had been in the Midwest buying antiques and so I went outside and checked out some neat primitive pieces. I love this piece I could just see it full of wool.

Janice was working on her appliqué and stayed busy working away while the rest of us were chatting up a storm. All these ladies are so multi talented that besides rug hooking there is information were obsorbing from each other.  I heard about Stephanie’s corgi being bitten by a rattlesnake.what a scare!
                                      Janice has been working on this quilt for a while .It's so pretty!
                                       So much work and such small stitches

                                                  Janice is using this book for the applique