Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is here

I hope Fall is not far behind.  Have a nice Thursday I am busy in the garden today getting the morning glory under control. What is it about me if I can find an invasive plant I will plant it.Back to trying to get nature under control or not. 

Post from later in the day   Itchy Itchy morning Glories!

Thursday late afternoon I worked off and On getting the morning glories off my deck. There is more to pull tomorrow since I started itching as I was cutting them.

I feel like I have itching powder on my arms and face. Besides the baby grasshoppers jumping all over my face and watching for the spotted lizards’ I was having a fine time. It’s my own fault its been horribly hot and so every time I am ready to pull weeds it’s in the 90’s to 100 degree’s. I did have some wonderful luck I found a hidden Pumpkin! I thought the squirrels had killed them but no there was a pumpkin hidden under a daisy bush. I was wondering do ground squirrels collect small apples? As I was pulling in my driveway after a trip to the market there was a small group of apples all in a pile. I wonder if California ground squirrels collect things for the winter?


Raymond Homestead said...

Morning Glory can take over the world!!

Leontien said...

I have absolutely no idea if they collect things! I do know that our normal squirrels take stuff up the three.

And no you never told me about your policeman and the mammo, but i am glad he didn't give you a ticket and yes it made me smile! THANK YOU!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Leontien,I am glad I made you smile. Waiting for results is the pits!
I swear sometimes Life challenges get a litte over whelming and then you wash your face put a new
attitude on and start again and again. I have to laugh at myself at times. I may be kicking and screaming through a Life crisis but I still get through it! I know you are helping others with the great way you honestly express yourself.Hugs Cheri