Monday, September 12, 2011

San Diego Quilt show 2011 part two

               Monday morning and time for a quilt show and a good start to the week.

Saturday I started a post about the 2011 San Diego Quilt show . It was an interesting quilt show but for a Saturday it was not packed with the usual large crowds in the past. I have noticed at the quilt shows that the attendance is being affected by the economy. Well I hope you enjoy the variety of quilters in San Diego    

                                                        An original design

                                 A simple design the color made it pop

                 These quilts were part of the group that followed these
             instructions of Cozy Quilts applique Society. 

                                    I just had to show Linda's quilt again.

                                                                Quilt Booth
                               Remember to click the picture for a closer look.

                           These nice ladies first quilt show as vendors .
                  Check out their booth they're also on line.
                                   Buttonwillow Designs

                              What a cute design on boards

                                     A very colorful quilt

                                 more art quilts

                                                   San Diego Quilt show booth

                                                           Button booth

                        More quilt pictures tomorrow........
                       This is a picture of when I was leaving the
                         Convention center.  


Julia said...

Thanks for showing the great quilts Cheri. It reminds me that I better make time to resume working on mine. Probably when the snow flies. Ha,ha...

How wonderful for you to be there in person. The pic are great but nothing compares as seeing them in person. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, Your lucky when you have snow. I would get more done if it was cold outside. The photo's don't show the color as well as in person . More pics tomorrow and rug hooking group meets tomorrow. cheri

Linda said...

Thanks for tip about Buttonwillow Designs. I like their style!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Linda, They were such nice ladies! Cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

WOW is all I can say.
Hugs :)