Monday, September 12, 2011

San Diego Quilt show 2011 part three

                                  San Diego Quilt Show celebrating 30 years
To all my blogger friends around the World I hope you enjoy
The San Diego Quilt Show and our local quilters. 

San Diego Quilt show part three

There is nothing like being in downtown San Diego to realize Oh yeah parking is 10 dollars. I had the fun experience of getting on an elevator with some out of Towner quilters. They were shocked at the price to park. I worked for Pacific bell at one time in the 70’s in down town and parking was a dollar a day and I thought that was bad. Lol
Today I got a call from my daughter telling me her hubby thought I could install the skype that her hubby had given my husband for his birthday. It will feel like the Jetson's  remember that cartoon show where they depicted the future and people would talk on a monitor where you could see someone. I can’t even imagine seeing someone while I am speaking at the computer. I’ll need to put my lipstick on when I am talking at the computer I don‘t want to scare Baby Jack. O.K back to quilting and the show.
                                                          Isn't this a pretty quilt!

 A quilt from friends to Kimberly Graf president of SDQS

                                                                                                              Maulie would love this quilt.
                                              Look at this cute dog in the quilt


 This is a Heart to Hand pattern

                    And so ends the quilt show in San Diego California. 
                    A visitor walking in front of the convention center.


Julia said...

Cheri, thanks for posting this great quilts for us to see. My favorite is the number 7 picture with the blue bird. I just love it and the next favorite is My Garden. All of them lovely. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia or should I say Marilyn. Lol I was getting ready to go to rug hooking when saw the tire tooooo low. Oh well I guess i'll work work around the house. Have a good week. Cheri

Leontien said...

Just love the one with the ribbon beside it!

I have something simular hanging on the wall, maybe i need to take a picture of it??? ;-)


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Leontien, You should take a picture of it! Quilts are such wonderful treasures. I bet there are many quilts in our home made by friends or family members that would be worthy to be in a quilt show.Cheri

San Diego said...

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Larkrise garden girl said...

San Diego county is an interesting place to live with so many places to go. Glad you liked the quilt show.