Saturday, September 10, 2011

My new neighbor a barn owl

What sound made the hair on the back of my neck stand up?  This sound would scare even a mortician.  Last week I heard a horrible scream of some kind of animal . I didn’t have a clue, wondered what it was that was screaming in the middle of the night with a short screech and then silent. I knew it wasn't a coyote I started thinking could it be a mountain lion? We have a new list of help numbers to call and mountain lion sighting is on the list. The noise came from the park and it was such an incredibly loud screech I looked at Maulie and  promptly went to bed with the sheets over my head..Well tonight as I lay in the bedroom watching T.V I heard it out my bedroom window. I ran and got Jack and told him there is something in our back yard. Our back yard has a full array of large trees and I swear it sounded so close. He pointed the flashlight nothing.Hubby gave me that look like and the reason we are doing this is because......? I just wanted him to see or hear what I was hearing. Well a few minutes later it was back but in the front yard and he heard it this time. Jack promptly said it's an owl.I have heard hooting owls but this is worse then that tired expression nails on a chalkboard!
In defense of my being a little unsettled by this noise I am not a coward remember when I argued with a robber and asked him for his money while I was being robbed?Or when I got chased by a moose and how many ladies can say they got kissed by a whale!Oh and I stayed once in a real haunted hotel  in Arizona called the Copper Queen Hotel.( O.K. that  scared me)
Well I recalled reading in the Crest Sun about Barn owls that someone had set up a Barn owl box. Well I  found the article read some more and sure enough the neighbor is near me!That box is about two streets away. The barn owl lady mentioned that you never put a box near your window the sound is horrible. This lady is completely factual on that bit of information thank you very much.  I think they're hanging out near my home for hunting because of the big trees.They're good predators but with your windows open you almost jump out of your sheets! Hopefully they will catch some rodents at night but go to u tube and listen to one of their barn owl noises and tell me what you think. Is that not the worse sound in the middle of the night?


Kim said...

I have heard an owl screech before and it is awful. Now someday I want to hear about your stay in a haunted hotel!

Karen Whittal said...

mmmmmmmm hope you get used to it......... for me nothing more stately than an owl, they truly do look wise........

Julia said...

Too funny that my brave friend Cheri isn't afraid of a robber, a moose, a whale but is afraid of a small barn owl...

I did listen to the barn Owl screech on you tube and you are right, it's worst than fingernails scratching on a blackboard. I hope that they don't decide to stay around for too long.

We have a pair of eagles that lives near our barn in a tall pine tree and they make a loud squeaky sound but they never bother us.

Thanks for sharing this. I still think that you are a brave girl...Oh Yeah... JB

terry said...

I live across the street from an area that is surrounded by eucalyptus trees. This area is also home to many hawks and a pair of owls among other feathered neighbors.

Our owls had babies this past year and three new owlies arrived. Since they are nocturnal we rarely see them, but one evening an adult owl made its way into our garage and was flying among the rafters.
He/she was a magnificient creature with beautiful feathers and eyesand a huge wing span. Try as we did to coax him out he stayed and eventually left on his own. I suspect he was after a field mouse that may have wandered into our garage.

Since we have a large number of field mice and RATS, he has plenty to keep him satisfied.

I hope you come to enjoy your owl as much as we do ours.

Terry in Murrieta

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi gals Thanks for comments I love reading them.We have a bunch of tall Eucalptus trees in our back yard which is perfect for birds.I love seeing crows,red tail hawks and super appreciate birds that get rid of rodents. It just scared me at first because it was extremely loud scream and I didn't know what it was.I want to see it ! I am going take a walk over to that neighbors street and see if I can see their box from the street this weekend.Wow Eagles how lucky!!

Larkrise garden girl said...

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Kim said...

Hi Cheri,
I must have lost your email so I'll answer you here instead. The Thai peanut sauce is rich and spicy. What I used this week came in a bottle but there is a recipe on www.all that is good.