Saturday, September 24, 2011

Have you ever stayed at a Haunted Hotel?

 Today it's misty and foggy which reminds me of

A vacation that my hubby and I went on that was quite interesting. Jack had loved collecting trains and so when we went on vacation I would plan places that had little antique stores and some old history. We had been to Tombstone one of the most haunted towns of the old west during this vacation trip. This town is famous for the shoot out at the O.K corral. Doc Holliday ,Wyatt Earp the Clanton brothers and all those western characters you have seen in the old movies. Tombstone is the town where these men hung out because frankly it's in the middle of no where. Tombstone also has the old boot hill cemetery which you had to enter through a store.One interesting place we went to was the Birdcage theatre and museum. This old west theatre was exactly like it was in the old western days and preserved very well with lots of western atmosphere. It was dusty and you felt like you had stepped back in the old west. The Bird Cage is known for having numerous ghost sightings. It was very interesting how little their theatres were in those days. It was very small and if you had box seats you were really noticeable! This Theatre which served as a saloon and high stake poker was played which was evident by over 26 deaths 20 gun fights and 140 bullet holes in the ceiling and building. This was the wild west and where legends started!  

As we would drive I was the navigator and looking thru my vacation brochures I saw Bisbee Arizona an old copper mining town.This small town was hilly filled with little shops old buildings and antique stores The biggest thing in the town of Bisbee was the coppermine with it's tours which we went on and a big old hotel.

I love old buildings and so I asked my husband can we stay here and we splurged and walked up the steps and into this old hotel.

Hallway in the Copper Queen
As Jack signed our name in I noticed a book that said something but the word Ghost stood out. I asked the person who was registering us what was the book about. Apparently these were ghost experiences people had wrote about that had happened when they stayed at this Hotel. Now if you noticed anything about me the power of suggestion works wonders. The minute the lady said Haunted hotel I was on Ghost alert .This Hotel is called the Copper queen Hotel and known for this fact.No where did triple AAA say this in their brochures .I realize from my experience at this Hotel that you don’t have to necessarily see a ghost to have a ghost experience. We walked up this old wooden grand staircase to the second floor where ghosts had been seen.

 The ghosts are also seen in the bar downstairs . Now I have never been in a old western brothel but this is what I imagined a room would look like tall ceilings lace curtains old wall paper a big fan above your head. . All the architecture of the room made you totally feel like you were back a hundred years in this old copper mining town. I went in the old room looked about and felt uneasy. Jack went down to get something out of our car .I sat on the bed and realized the bathroom was a large room with a long tall window and  but kind of scary for some reason. You could hear a bar or a nightclub next door and muffled loud voices. All of a sudden I heard a small tapping at the door . It would softly tap tap tap. I went to the door no body was there. This was the floor where the ghost hung out and I was a little uneasy. I went and looked out the window and the town below when I heard the soft tapping again. I went out the door and looked down the hallway expecting to see something when Hubby popped out laughing from around the corner.

Well now that he had his laugh I did not sleep the entire night. The power of suggestion in an old Haunted Hotel is incredibly powerful you can imagine my imagination was off the charts. So all night I looked like a little owl when ever I would hear anything my eyes would pop out . It doesn’t help hubby could sleep thru a mine blast! Being scared in the middle of the night is an awful feeling .You just wait for the dark night to end.

So yes I have stayed in a Haunted Hotel the worst night with no sleep and Thank God I didn’t see a Ghost but plenty have.

If your interested here is their site and more history and legends about the Hotel.


Courtney said...

We've never had a ghost experience, but we did spend our honeymoon at the Mt. Washington Hotel in NH. It reminded us of The Shining. I love a good ghost story though!

Julia said...

Cheri, this would be a perfect post for Halloween. Whoooo.... I think that it would be scarier staying there on Halloween night.

I don't think that I would have slept either but at least you can claim that you have slept in a haunted hotel.

Your hubby played a good trick on you, didn't he...
Thanks for sharing this. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia and Courtney, I was up early at 530 Hubby went to the swap meet to sell and so I was up and the fog was all over the park and it felt like a good time to tell my story.Kim had wanted to hear about my night at a haunted Hotel.
Courtney I have to see what the Mt Washington hotel looks like on the internet it sounds interesting.LOl Cheri

Farm Girl said...

Oh how cool is that? I am going to have to go find that next time we go through Arizona. It has been a long, long time since I went through Tombstone. I wish I had know that then.

Larkrise garden girl said...

It had been a long time since that vacation but it stayed with me when I thought of how you can scare yourself with a little help from a hubby. Lol Cheri

Saundra said...

Okay, call me crazy but I would have loved to see a shost or apperition. Perhaps I'd not have slept well either but that would have been because of being afraind I'd sleep thru a ghost coming thru the room.

Leontien said...

haha no i have never ever slept in a haunted house! i read enough stephen king books to make sure i never ever do!

Big hugs from Indiana

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Leontien, I can't even read Stephen King! Lol Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Well Saundra, I thought that would be my how I would feel but when your in a place with atmosphere it's different. Just walking across
the room to the bathroom in the middle of the night was scarey.LOl
Especially when my hero is fast asleep!!!Cheri

Dog Trot Farm said...

I do recall seeing this particular hotel on a "ghost busting" show not to long ago...strange happenings were recorded and verified. Gee, my late mother in-law's maiden name was Bisbee. Steven King lives here in Maine about two hours north of me. He has a beautiful home enclosed by an eerie black iron fence. He and his wife are very generous to the people of Maine.

Larkrise garden girl said...

How funny about your mother in law maiden name being Bisbee.Steven King has quite an imagination I wonder how he sleeps.He writes such scary stories.Cheri