Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall decorating in my home and Hobo squares

This week I have been working on my Hobo Quilt . I cut out my squares and I am using my wool in some of the squares.  The hope is the quilt might get completed quicker if I wool applique. I also hung up my Halloween quilt and my little rug I made last year. For those blogger friends that saw my decorations last year in the Fall sorry to repeat but for new blogger friends here are some of my fall goodies. This week flew by I don’t know where I have been but I have been super busy. I have to get caught up with everyone’s blogs when I get back from meeting a good friend for coffee. Here’s some quick pics from this week.Cheri

                                                This is my favorite hooked rug I made

                          I like these two quilt I made last year.  
                  A Halloween cat doll I made in a class and my hooked 
                           cat in a fall wreath.

Still organizing my Halloween stuff
another cat doll I made from a JoAnn class
at country Loft.
                                              Hobo quilt
 kind hearted lady lives here

Good chance to get money


 Hobo squares I have cut them
out and I am going to start stitching.

                                                                                     Baby Jack
                                                                                  went to the Fair


Saundra said...

I also love that rug you hooked. Looks like you're all decked out and ready for the fall season and Hallowee. Very very nice display.

Julia said...

Cheri, wow, you have been busy.

I remember seeing that cute rug on your blog and also on RHD last year. I may even have left a comment, I can't remember. I have 0 fall decorations out yet so you are way ahead of me. Love those decorations.

Baby Jack is major cute. Have a safe fall weekend. JB

Kim said...

I love seeing your fall decorations and crafts. You are way ahead of me. I might finish my fall rug by next year LOL
Jack is growing fast - so darn cute.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi kim,I am so behind in my rug hooking. I can hardly wait for it to get cooler.

Dog Trot Farm said...

You are such a talented gal.. I love all your many creations, but I think my favorites are your hooked rugs. Baby Jack is growing like a weed and such a cutie pie. Hope you are enjoying the weekend, smiles, Julie.