Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wooden Flax combs

It’s Saturday night and I can’t sleep.

Saturday night I am up late wide awake brain on overdrive tired not in my vocabulary unable to sleep. That sums it up! It’s useless to try to sleep so I am having my own slumber party tonight. Hubby is sleeping like a bear and Maulie and I are redecorating my small primitive decor. I was looking through old Early American Life magazines and looking for ideas for Hubby to make me something.As I watch a show on Loretta Lynns house that's haunted I have to change the channel too spooky.Now I am watching Sweet Home Alabama more conducive to be able to sleep I think.
 This was the first Flax comb
I thought it was too primitive.
 A while ago I had seen a wooden flax comb in
As time goes by magazine. I asked hubby to please make me one of these cute flax combs.
This morning he reminded me of the second one he had made that was sitting in one of my baskets.

 Star Flax comb

 I have been busy painting my floors blue. Hubby went to work and when he came home I had started painting around the furniture. The furniture I could move was in a different spot all crowded together with pottery and baskets . Jack doesn’t know what to think of me at times. As he looked at the mess he said when did you get so spontaneous ? We have been married for over 33 years and so I said to the less then happy hubby “don’t you remember when you came home from work and my Dad and I were putting up a patio.  Or when you came home from work and I had used carpet cutters and cut the carpet around the furniture. I have always been like this!”

I get a idea and then take cover. Normally he would jump in to help. I am not the best painter but he is stepping back and seeing how big a hole I have dug. Good news I am finally yawning.


Kim said...

Painting around the furniture?? Lol. You can be dangerous with insomnia!

acorn hollow said...

I usually move furniture around when I become spontaneous. I wish I was a good sleeper.

Bee Lady said...

I watched that same show about Loretta Lynn's haunted house! My husband always gets upset with me when I start a project and expect him to "bail me out." What is it with men?

Cindy Bee

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh my!!! Hubby is very talented. That flax comb is wonderful!
Pug hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Well I did finally get to sleep. I taped the loretta lynn hsunted story so I can watch it in the daylight. Lol. It's a New Day have a nice Sunday.Cheri

Leontien said...

whoohoo for the yawning! I read before i sleep. otherwise my brain just won't stop. So i read a lot.

Sometimes that doesn't do the trick, but overall going deep into the books works.

now did i read that right and you said blue???

And yes that girl is very pretty! I really liked her, but its to bad she didn't have an eartag in and now i can't find her back! ;-) I'm sure she is out here somewhere...


Larkrise garden girl said...

Leontien, I Love your pretty cows and the courage you show every day! Yes I like blue and so I am painting it blue. I have a attitude it's just paint!Leontien,In your young life you soar!Triple hugs Cheri

Saundra said...

Cute quilt at the top of the bog. Your hubby is such a sweetheart to make you things like the flax comb....I think that man is a keeper.

Barbara Jean said...

cute combs. I just made two really primitive flax combs....
mine had dowels for the teeth.
wondering how your husband got the teeth on yours so crooked?

Be blessed
PS found you on pinterest.