Friday, August 12, 2011

To Protect and Serve

Sometimes you can’t do a post about a rug or a quilt but sometimes it’s about a sacrifice of a young policeman.

To Protect and Serve was Jeremy Henwood.a Hero to the citizens of San Diego.

Jeremy Henwood served with Honor and commitment to our city. This is a somber day in San Diego losing a great young officer that was lost too soon.

  San Diego is a large city with  lots of wonderful places to enjoy is  protected by a police force that is laying to rest a young officer today.I live in the outskirts of San diego and enjoy a rural lifestyle but can be in the middle of the city of San Diego in 40 minutes. Last week a senseless killing of this young officer has been all over the news and you wonder how there can be such good and evil in this world. Last night the honor guard arrived with the Flag that was flown at ground zero on 911. This flag is only used about 125 times a year and as it arrived through Lindbergh field airport with the officers along side the flag with arms saluting it as it went by. The bagpipes and officers showing such respect through the airport was amazing to see. Just watching the television coverage of this flag arriving brought tears to my eyes.

There will be hundreds of police today going to his funeral and the news is covering the actual service today.

Last Saturday there was a shooting at a In and Out burger restaurant in El Cajon .When Hubby and I want a  burger In and Out is where we go. It was a busy Saturday a man drove up and just shot a man then drove miles away to mid city San Diego The shooter did not even know the man he shot. This young troubled man was driving at a high rate of speed so the police had to stop the pursuit because of the danger to others. Well within the hour  the shooter was in City heights a very diverse city and mid city in San Diego. This young man flashed his car lights at the young officer Henwood which made the officer bring his car to the side of his car.  The criminal shot the officer twice and killed him for no reason. Young Officer Henwood had just returned from Afghanistan where he was a marine reservist in the military. He was a captain in the reserves and proud to bring all his men back from the war. Jeremy Henwood had survived three stints in combat and then returned to serve the public. I don’t know this young officer but the sacrifice of this young life makes my heart ache for his family. Last night in city heights his mother who is a doctor arrived to a vigil for him and spoke. His mothers words were brave and touching and with humor. She spoke that her son was not always an angel but she is sure he is now. Officer Henwood mom has been touched by the outpouring of the community for her son and today will be a hard day for his parents and siblings.

Last night a young black child was interviewed by a news station. He was the last person to speak to Officer Jeremy Henwood at Mcdonald’s.

A little boy came up to the officer and asked for a dime at the Mcdonald’s the officer asked what was it for? and the little boy said cookies. Officer Henwood shared the cookies with the child and asked this little boy what did he want to be  when he grew up?  The little boy said an NBA basketball player. That was last act of kindness this young officer did. This young man's Life was of service to his country and also service to protect San Diego a city he loved. His last act of service was donating his organs to others. As his brother spoke with tears he spoke of his brothers love for the city of San Diego and the police force and

fellow officers.So today I ask you to say a special prayer To Jeremy and the people who protect us every day and the hero’s that are out there for you and me. Cheri


Leontien said...

Yes very sad things happen sometimes for no good reasons.

sending a little prayer out for this young man.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Dog Trot Farm said...

How very tragic. A wonderful young man, an asset to the community, taken for no reason. It is very sad for the citizens of San Diego and mankind in general. Hugs from Maine, Julie.

Rugs and Pugs said...

How sad! I'll say a prayer that his family can find peace.
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks everyone for simple prayers.Cheri