Friday, August 19, 2011

New rude neighbors or Squirrel stories in California

There is nothing worse then getting new neighbors that show no consideration for your property. They stare at your yard. They run out in front of your car when your driving and they clearly take over your neighborhood like they have lived there all their lives.

When I briefly lived in Wyoming I recall seeing the biggest squirrels I had ever seen. They were beautiful larger then our cat. Oscar Padilla would run from room to room watching them as they raced outside the windows. I thought they were so cute. Those squirrels had the bushiest tails and would run up the pine trees next to our home. They were a treat!

California ground squirrels aren’t quite the same. These squirrels are making their homes in my neighbors rock fence. Remember when I saw one squirrel well they have infiltrated the neighborhood and park. They stand on the fence and hop along the fence checking out my yard and staring at Maulie and me. Now when I back up out of my driveway I have at least four squirrels run across the road in front of my dirt road. Then when I get on the pavement driving down the road they are running across the pavement in front of me!. If they could stick out their squirrels paws at me they would give me a wave goodbye.

I have noticed these holes that remind me of small crop circles in my front yard garden and something nibbled at my pumpkin I was trying to grow. This is War!

I feel like my garden is going to be infiltrated by just the pure numbers of these critters. I haven’t heard coyotes in a while so maybe that’s why they seem to be multiplying. Even Morris is up all night checking them out. Morris has been staying next door all day and eats briefly and off he goes to check out our newest neighbors. All Morris needs is a bag of popcorn to nibble on as he watches them play in the street!

The only good thing is at least they're not skunks.

Yes they are a little cute……
Thanks to a fine Farm house for the black and white graphics.


Kim said...

Yes, they are cute. But nasty, destructive little buggers too. They are probably looking for a nice spot to chew through and settle in for winter. These cute little guys are not nice neighbors. Hope you can get rid of them.

Joanne said...

They certainly sound like brazen little buggers!

Jacqueline said...

Hmmm I had them pull back siding on my house to get into my attic. From there they ended up in my furnace, my walls, my house. I am NOT a squirel lover in any sense of the word. They are varmin with fluffy tails. Once they get in it is very difficult to get rid of them.. They will chew thru anything.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Gals , We never had squirrels! Very weird.My girlfriend who lives in another part of San Diego says her husband gets traps and releases them somewhere.

Farm Girl said...

Yeah, well...when I moved here I thought I could live at peace with all nature. I let the ground squirrels be then they kept moving in bit by bit. The next year, they would steal eggs from my chicken coop. Then they stripped my trees of all of the fruit. The ate every ripe tomato in my garden. The foxes decided they liked fresh chicken instead of ground squirrel.
We went to war too. Had to for self preservation. We bought squirrel bait. It worked. Then we had to call trappers for the foxes.
35 have been trapped since.
I have never looked at wild life the same way. Foxes spray like cats only worse.
It is never easy. They really multiply like crazy.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Oh My Gosh! What a War you had. 35 foxes. Thanks for the warning. I am getting chickens next year and don't need them stealing my eggs!I never thought I would want to hear coyotes again,

Rugs and Pugs said...

Squirrels can be a pain in the you know what. In my other house, they used to run on the top of the fence and taunt the dog I had. I swear they stuck out their little tongues and said "nah, nah, nah, nah, nah"! They also love to dig up plants and bulbs. Jacqueline described them perfectly...varmin with fluffy tails!
Pug hugs ;)

Larkrise garden girl said...

HeyLauren, Well First thing this morning I was taking in some fabric I had over dyed when a fat chunky lizzard with no tail ran across my arm and down my hand.Which started my day off. Lol