Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Morning

It’s Monday and a new week

Yesterday was a sweet day. I went out to lunch with my daughter and her family. Baby Jack slept through lunch. It was a fun day and Megan gave me two wonderful books she had made for me on pictures they have been taking of the baby. I value family moments and it was nice to see my daughter and her hubby so happy with the baby. This week I have wool crazy class and I am still working on my floors and painting them. One of the ladies gave me a cute pig made from an old quilt. I love it!
 Maulie is wondering what's in the bucket?

Baby Jack at 3 months

Monday morning a table full of every day life

I was given a whole bunch of pomegranates that I am going to use for dyeing sometime. Well I am off to do my chores have a nice day. Here is some recent  photo's of baby Jack yes I am that annoying person with pictures of their grandbaby.

O.k I found a picture of me that I half way like. Look at the way he is staring at me. Megan says Baby Jack doesn't know what to think of me.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Good Day from Michigan.

Your grandbaby is truly a sweetie. Mom and baby looks lovely together.

The Pomagrantes caught my attention and I guessed right you are going do to some dyeing. I will be "Dyeing" to see what you will dye and what the colors will be. VBG

I am taking a Sue Spargo workshop and I am going to be doing a Pomagranate table Rug. VBG A lady dyed some wool for me and I now have some very lovely shades of pinks/burgundy with a wee bit of yellow.

Have a great week Hugs Judy

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hey Judy, How fun to be taking a Sue Spargo workshop. My daughter is going to kill me for posting her picture but I loved the picture. Cheri

Kim said...

Aww Baby Jack is so cute. Love his little plaid overalls. And his Momma looks pretty proud of him too. But then again, who wouldn't be?
Sweet little piggie. Is Baby Jack going to claim it as his own?

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, No baby Jack theme is elephants and giraffes.I love his chunky legs. Lol.Cheri

Karen Whittal said...

So cute, I cannot wait to be a granny enjoy

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Karen, It's wonderful!

Courtney said...

Jack's Mommy looks so good and happy. I'm glad to see she's feeling better. That little Jack is so sweet. Thanks for the baby update!

Julia said...

Hey Cheri. You can never have too many cute baby pictures especially if it's from your grandkids. They grow up so fast.

Baby Jack is adorable in his little Hawaiian shirt sleeping in his mama's arms. A nice picture of both of them. Now I would like to see grandma holding Jack, yes I mean" you".

I can't believe that my oldest granddaughter is going to be 17 in November. How time flies. JB

Julia said...

I think I lost my comment. so I'll try again. My neck is hurting from arthritis and also my shoulders and I can't think straight.

You can't have too many pictures of your grandkids on your blog especially when they are so cute as Baby Jack. I love his little Hawaiian shirt. Mom looks great too. I would love a picture of grandma holding baby Jack and yes I mean "you"

Nothing like being a grandma... JB

Leontien said...

Baby Jack loots great!

Good luck with the pomegranates!!

and yes i am a pretty lucky girl driving my sports car every day!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Great pics ~ all of them. Baby Jack and Momma are just too cute. When do we get to see Baby Jack and Grandma?
Hugs :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great pics ~ all of them. Baby Jack and Momma are just too cute. When do we get to see Baby Jack and Grandma?
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Gals, I am glad you like the pics. Megan gave me that pic when I saw her Saturday.I am going to see her and her family tomorrow .It's a hour and a half drive one way. I think Megan has one picture I like on her computer with Baby Jack.So check back tomorrow for the great reveal.Lol Cheri

Julia said...

Oh Cheri, I love that beautiful picture of you and baby Jack. He sure is gazing on you intensely. What a joy to hold your little grandson. Thanks for this Cheri. Now I can put a face to your blog. Have a great week. Hugs to all of you. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, That would be me. I like that picture it makes me laugh. It's like he is saying "Your not my mom." Hugs Cheri