Sunday, August 7, 2011

From Bugs to Baby

Do you ever have a weekend where your not looking forward to something your going to do? That is my dilemma I have told my self  "Cheri go collect the cochineal for your dye! Walk down the dirt road and get those bugs, Quit making excuses and squish those bugs." It doesn't matter I have sharp pointy cactus ready to prick my fingers.

Cochineal weapons
I have decided this Sunday evening I will be the squishing bug off the cacti for the cochineal. It sounded like a great idea before. I made a great dye years ago using the cochineal but I hate to squish bugs. This is going to be Gross! I put off collecting the cochineal because it was so hot but it is feeling a little cooler. I love the internet and I read some more information about getting the best color. I need to use distilled water. I also can put the cochineal bugs in a plastic bag and roll a rolling pen over them.
 You can use a morter and pestle but I could never use that again for grinding up food so rolling pins sound like a great idea. Alum will be what I use to soak my wool in the night before.
 Early in the week I took a trip to visit Baby Jack and I repossessed my spinning knitty knotty from my daughter . A girlfriend gave me some yarn she had spun and so I wanted to relax the spun wool a little. Megan brought out a sock she had knit for the baby . This is only one sock knitted someone needs to get the other one done quick.  

She's back! 

  Oh No not the cheeks!
 Wish me luck collecting those bugs.


Courtney said...

Sign me up to knit the other one. I'm so glad to see your daughter up and about! I know the drill when you first give birth and you're not up to snuff! As far as the bugs go...I made my husband kill a tomato hornworm today. He was going to toss him as far as he could...I said, no! Kill it! Good thing, or I wouldn't have a tomato left!

acorn hollow said...

I can't wait to see the end results not sure I could do the bug squishing.
super cute baby

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Courtney and Cathy Megan is a quick little knitter and she show'd me the alpaca so I know she will get it done!Courtney your a sock knitter? I only knit half a sock once. I never got to the heel.Megan knitted a cute hat for baby and little sweater both too small. That worm sounds horrible. I will take pics of those little bugs. Yuk!Cheri

Kim said...

I only squish bugs if I am all alone and under attack. Ewwww. But baby Jack is so cute I could squish him in a big hug :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Cheri, really, killing bugs for dye? Wow, that is one that I have never heard of, I sure am looking forward to that post! That Baby Jack, just adorable, squeeze a cheek for me, LOL.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi gals, I got the cochineal! I didn't get poked by the cacti. More pics tomorrow. Cheri

Orange Sink said...

You're pretty durn brave there Cheri! I can't wait to see your results from those squished bugs!
It's so fun to squish those cute little fat cheeks! She's getting cuter by the minute!
Happy squishing!
Cathy G

Larkrise garden girl said...

Baby Jack would be shocked he's a boy! Lol When I put the caption here she comes I meant me . He was looking at me.Lol Pics tomorrow when I am squishing the bugs. Lol Cheri

Orange Sink said...

Oh Cheri! I knew that too! I'm having a senior moment here and just finished reading Acorn Hollow blog and her photo of her grand daughter was fresh in my mind!
Apologize to baby Jack for me ! He is still a cutie!
Cathy G

Larkrise garden girl said...

Baby Jack says that's all right! Lol.Whats funny he looks like my daughter when she was a baby, Cheri