Monday, July 18, 2011

Test Run for the International Quilt Festival Long Beach

 Point Loma Seafoods view

Today I did a test run of where I am suppose to be for a Traveling quilters bus trip in two weeks. Since the La Mesa pick up point was full my girlfriends and I have to go about 40 minutes away to get picked up by the bus for the trip to The International Quilt festival Long Beach. I want to be sure I know where the bus is going to pick us up at this time around! A couple of years ago I had signed up for a quilt show and the pick up location had changed . I had looked at the confirmation letter and I just assumed it was the same address Wrong!!!  
 I had noticed they had built apartments at the pick up spot and I just thought the bus pick up was behind the apartments. What a surprise no quilters waiting for the bus.No park and ride! Thoughts of missing  The Road to California was a quilter nightmare after paying for my ticket . Ahhhhh!  I flagged down a apartment dweller who was up early and the man explained where the Park and Ride was . I barely made it as I found a seat on the bus I was frazzled .  So I am not taking any chances this time I am doing a test run.

The International Quilt Festival It’s sooooo much fun. This is the biggest quilt show in Southern California and it has over 150 vendors. Plus loads of quilts on display. I am so excited I am going this year. The  Traveling quilters is the way to go if you don’t want to drive in  L.A. traffic. so  once you have sent your money in and got your confirmation letter your set. On the way up to Long Beach there is juice and something to eat,the bus trip home there is a raffle for quilt related items.   .
Your given a wrist band that you slap on for admittance to the Quilt show. Once you leave the bus at the front steps on the Long beach convention center you walk up the steps and the fun begins! No waiting in lines to get in or pay for parking. You’ve already paid for your ticket so it’s 5 hours of dashing around looking at everything. I usually split up when I get there and meet up during lunch or when I see friends admiring Quilts on display.
 I love primitive colors so I am not going to waste my time looking at booths that I am not that interested in with a limited time to shop . I am bringing my lunch so I don’t have to wait in line. Can you tell I have a plan of attack!
So today Linda and I drove to the pick up spot driving the route we would take in two weeks. Later we stopped at Joann's and I got some wool felt for a stocking for Baby Jack.. After Joann's it was a stop at Walter Andersen's Nursery. We decided to have lunch  near the water so we stopped at the  Point Loma Seafoods a great fish market and had a great lunch .There is nothing like clams and french fries in Point Loma Yummy!!

 What’s funny have you ever seen movies where the scene is a New York stock market and everybody’s crowded around bidding? Well that’s what it’s like ordering your meal. Pretty entertaining with faces against the glass checking out the fish for sale.Since it's Point Loma there were military people, tourist and locals behind me ordering over my head!

I even found a wallet next to Linda's car when leaving . I was walking back into the market when I noticed a lady coming out of the fish market looking troubled boy she was very happy to find I had her wallet.

                                We stopped at Walter Andersen's Nursery! Look at this milkweed plant
This is a monarch!! !

I bought another milkweed plant at the nursery!
I love Monarchs.

                                                                                           I love to sleep during the day!
                                                                                         Another visit to see Nana!                                                                                                                                                                                   


acorn hollow said...

you seem so excited. Lucky you a fun day of quilting. that baby is just the cutest.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

What a darling grand-baby. Such a blessing.
The harbour view is beautiful... we are locked in a heat wave here 90F+ temperatures and humidity that would melt even the stamina of that infamous Southern belle Scarlett.
You'll have to keep us up to date on the quilt show...
Susan x

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cathy and Susan, The quilt show is a big deal. I am so excited because it's such a big event.You poor thing Susn. Humidity is the worst.Baby Jack is a blessing. He slept the whole visit. Just woke up to eat then nap time. Cheri

Leontien said...

ohhh if my mother in law would be here she would make me drive her to you and come see some quilts!

It is always good to do a test run!
And Thanks for voting!!!

Kim said...

Jack looks so sweet. I did giggle at little at your pre-location scouting. I do the same thing. I hate to be rushing and not know where I am going. Now I know I am not alone!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, I hope your feeling better. I learned my lesson I don't want to miss the bus to L.A. LOl!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
I'm not a quilter, but it does sound like a fun day!
Baby Jack is just too precious. Give those chubby little cheeks a kiss from Ohio.
Pug hugs :)