Monday, July 4, 2011

A Southern California 4th of July Parade in Crest California

                                                     A patriotic dog in Crest

Crest celebrates the 4th Of July.
 In my little town in Southern California we have lots of fun with the 4th of July .
 Have you ever wanted to be in a parade ? Well in Crest we have an informal parade anybody can be in it. Just grab a horse,tractor, bike or a dog and your in a 4th of July parade.Everybody meets at the horse rink and gets in line and then its Parade Time!In the past we have even had a goat walking in the parade. People in southern California love the outdoors. In San Diego there is suppose to be a million people at the beaches today.Not me I would rather be up on our hill in Crest watching a old time parade on the 4th of July.
So sit back get your American Flag and a pop and watch the parade ! If your my Canadian friends I hope you enjoy our holiday. 

Hubby and I hear the siren of the fire truck.
The parade is just around the corner

 This is the first person in our parade.

                                                          Our Flag!
 Little firetruck

 We love our firemen!

A politician showed up to our parade.

Something tells me I am going to
hear these all day.
                                Someone likes the water.
                                         I love tractors!!!       

                                              A parade is not a parade without a cute
                               little girl with her dog.

Beautiful old car

                                         A family in the parade with their dogs.

          Pretty Horse and Rider. 
Everyone is out watching our Crest parade.
 Those dogs are so funny!

Of course you need boy scouts in a parade

            The end of the parade, now on to
    Nancy Jane park for more fun.
Part two later..


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

oh i love july 4th parades. our town doesn't do one but my grandparent's town in vermont puts on the best parade! :) lovely pics and your doggy is a good sport like my big boy blue!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
What fun! Thanks for sharing and HAPPY 4th to you!
Pug hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

The dogs are not mine but I thought they were so cute.Maulie was photo shy!

Julia said...

Cheri, how sweet of you to share your parade with us. I absolutely love your pictures. Thanks for sharing. JB

Bee Lady said...

FUN! I LOVE parades!

Thanks for sharing yours.

Cindy Bee