Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rug Hooking out on a deck in Southern California

Getting together with fellow hookers is so much fun. I always have a good time with my hooker friends. We laugh so much during the day at ourselves I actually had tears in my eyes from laughing.

Have you ever heard some mindless fact you want to pass on . For some reason I know all sorts of odd facts. Well one I had heard was if you want to get rid of coyotes you pee all over the perimeter of your yard. The ladies did not believe my pearls of wisdom. I guess the thought of her hubby making a safe perimeter from coyotes was too much. They laughed so much at my idea. Well I went on the internet and there was that fact. Some people believe in it and others used wolf urine. See I am a encyclopedia of useless facts!

During the day we went from hookers to possible crime observers. While hooking up on her hill we could see a police

helicopter circling the freeway we then watched five patrol cars stop on the freeway. We took turns looking through the binoculars trying to see what was going on far below us in the distance. We couldn’t see any accident . It took awhile when finally Janet saw them opening a trunk. She has such a nice view and a slight breeze that makes her deck a great place to hook.

About 20 or 30 years ago Janet had made a rug and she told me how she had thought of throwing  it away. It seems the wools she used at that time were flimsy and repairs were needed but what I saw was a rug that had aged well. I’d like to age as well as that rug! Janet explained how dusty it was and how it had been a floor rug she had done years and years ago. I wanted to see this old rug. Well when Janet brought it out Bev and I were amazed what a nice hooked rug it was.

Bev and I had Janet hang it up on the siding of her home so I could take a picture of what one person thinks is just an old rug. I think Janet is starting to see it in a new light. Sometimes having someone else look at what we hooked in the past makes us realize we didn’t do such a bad job!


Farm Girl said...

It makes me happy to know there are other hookers in California. For the longest time I thought I was the only one. The lady at the quilt shop curled her nose and said it was to hot to hook rugs in California.
I love that house rug. Very pretty.
I also like the view from you house.
It looks beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend.
How is your new baby? And your daughter?

Joanne said...

Well I'll remember that if I see coyotes! Great rug! Wonder what was in that trunk - interesting!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Farm girl and Joanne, I do wonder what was in the trunk? The view was from janet's house she was such a good hostess. We were spoiled hooking ,lunch and a view and a mystery. Baby Jack is doing well. My daughter is still not up to par though.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a great rug! Tell Janet if she's going to throw it away, to throw it your way.
The view is gorgeous!
Pug hugs ;)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Lol!! I love Janet's view. Cheri

Courtney said...

I love that rug!! I wish my early rugs...or even current rugs...were hooked that well. We are hard critics of our own work, aren't we? I hope your daughter begins to feel like her own healthy self soon. It's hard to go through a tough delivery, then care for an infant. I did it with my first. It took forever to heal. I'll be praying for her wellness!

Julia said...

Cheri, it's so nice to get away with friends to have a great time and have fun while hooking. I love thqat beautiful rug.
I heard about that pearl of wisdom about urinating around the perimeter to keep the coyote away. It's suppose to work for deers too but I'll be darn if I'm going to start urinating around the yard. lol... Fine if you're a

Sorry to hear that you daughter is still not up to par. I hope that she will start to get back her strength. I'm glad that the baby is doing well though. Hugs and prayers. JB

Ter'e said...

Love the rug!!! LOVE THAT BABY! So darling, both of them.

Are you in San Diego? That hillside looks familiar to me....

Too hot to hook in California --- try living in Florida. Thank the Lord we have air conditioning. I'd give anything to be out in CA, mom lives there. That's home for me.

acorn hollow said...

I love to get together with other hookers. That is a wonderful rug. I too wonder what was in that trunk. and a great view on top of it all.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Tere and Cathy,My friends and I live in San Diego County. We all live in different parts of the county.Some of us are in north county I am in east county and some of us are in San Diego. That mountain is Mount Helix.All of us have been going to the Country Loft in La Mesa twice a month to a hookers group . I have other friends I meet with also during the month to hook.I cannot believe but I have been going to my hooking group for 8 years. Hard to believe where did the time go? We never did hear what happened on the freeway.Cheri

Ter'e said...

OK, I can have a good laugh now. I thought that was Mt. Helix!!!! When I was in high school, that was the place to go....ah......"park"......if you catch my meaning. Mind you, that was 45 years ago! Yikers! Telling my age.
I went to SD last June and I have no idea why I didn't visit The Country Loft. Next trip - I shall. Thanks for giving me a memory and a laugh.
I'm new to reading your blog and just catching on.........
'Been a hooker since 1992.

Saundra said...

I love the rug and think the age has given it a very nice patina. It is definitely a keeper.

I used to live in San Ramon, CA (east bay area)but wasn't a hooker when I lived there. Happy hookin' in CA.

Bee Lady said...

Well this is great news for me! We are building a house and we have no bathroom yet. So we "go" somewhere outside when we have to pee! I've been worried about coyotes getting my little dog when we move. I'll tell him to stay within the pee-zone!

Love the rug. I have only hooked one thing. It was a coaster. HOWEVER, do you know Ali Strebal? Well, she is coming to our little town and we are having a two day hook fest. Only things is...I didn't sign up. I've just got too much on my plate right now, but we're allowed to take a project and just go sit and visit with them. I'm gonna go.

I'm sure the Granny Bee (Beth NOtaro - which is on the side bar of my blog) will be posting pictures and such on her blog. They're meeting Wed & Thurs.

Cindy Bee

PS - Don't you just feel better all over when you laugh like that?

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Tere,Yes Mount Helix was a place to park . Lol Great view!
You have to go to country loft it's a great shop. They have antiques,material and wool.That is so funny you rcognized MountHelix Happy memories! Lol

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Saundra, I thought Janets rug aged well too.

Larkrise garden girl said...

CindyBee , Laughter is the best part of hooking. it sounds like your having and adventure building a home.No I don't know Ali but if she is a hooker she has to be O.K. LOl
As for your dog . I live in Crest and we have coyotes at times and a fenced yard . coyotes will junp a fence to get a small dog or cat and pee is great but if they see something they want to eat. Munch munch.Maybe at night they'll walk away from an area but if it's a little dog really watch him. I can't tell you how many stories my groomer has told me of pets in Alpine and Crest being taken off by a coyote. They observe and then wait for a chance. But still pee away! Cheri