Sunday, July 24, 2011

News hound report from San Diego county

Southern California news hound report.

I have to quit watching the news but alas I can’t there is so much happening in San Diego from Comic Con to Sandcastle contests to a mystery in Coronado. It’s been hot this weekend so Hubby and I have been doing something that has to be done unpacking boxes from moving back to Crest. So while sorting through the boxes the T.V has been on and boy San Diego is a happening city.

The news has been flooded with comic con 2012 at the convention center. Can you believe over 125,00 people are coming to a comic book convention? This event has morphed into a pop phenomenon . People dress up like characters from comic books and movies . This event is so interesting because of all the costumes people wear and it’s a giant happy event of peaceful people who love comics and movies. For the first time Steven Spielberg  the famous director showed up. He is the man who made E.T and Indian Jones movies. Comic con started in San Diego and has grown to be a international event. Fans mingle with actors and directors at times and it is a total people watching event!
                                                                 Sandcastles in Imperial Beach

Then there is  the U.S Sandcastle competition in Imperial beach. These are the champions of Sandcastle making. There is no way I am going to that event with huge crowds of beach goers.

                                                               A summer mystery

 Hotel del Coronado

 Drive over the bridge to the island of Coronado.
When I was a kid you had to take the ferry to get there.

The final sad event is the mystery of Coronado . The spreckles mansion has a mystery. Is it murder or something else? Coronado is a beautiful beach town that has the world famous Coronado hotel .
The Spreckels mansion is a famous
landmark in Coronado known for being  built by the of the owner of the Coronado hotel.

 Spreckels mansion
  Last week a little boy fell down the stairs and died days later. The little boy was under the care of his millionaire fathers girl friend of two years. A couple days later while the father is at the bedside of his son with his second wife the girlfriend is found nude hanging from a second story balcony. The millionaires brother cuts her down and she falls below to the courtyard.(That seems odd to me letting someone fall from second story) The only person in the house is a family member of the millionaire brother. The Coronado police are still waiting for forensics . Did I tell you her hands were tied behind her back ? The police need to still rule out suicide. The police are also checking to see the hospital camera and making sure the father of the little boy didn’t leave the hospital. The sister of the women who died said she talked to her sister at midnight and she said she was going to bed. This is a real mystery but which is it murder or suicide?

The last thing we have in San Diego county is a wildfire way at the end of San Diego County . It’s not near homes and burning to the desert. It’s burned about 3,000 acres. This ends my report of what's happening  in my neck of the woods.
My only personal news today is Hubby ,Maulie and I have to go on a  hike and get some more dodder for the gals at rug hooking on Tuesday . I haven't told him yet and since I don't want to have heat stroke I will wait til it cools down towards evening.Lol !

 Eagle Fire


Farm Girl said...

There is a lot going on in San Diego this weekend. That murder is creepy.
I have drove on the bridge and gosh it made my tummy feel weird. I have always wondered about Comic Con just wondered, never wanted to visit.
Try and stay cool.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Comic con is a crazy event. I think it's funny how people get dressed up but I would never go a quilt show is my speed. The police are not sure if its a murder or not that's why it's mystery.I am always nervous driving over the Coronado bridge but Coronado is a pretty place.Stay cool too!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cheri,
I am your newest follower, via Joanne's blog! I saw a comment, loved your blog name, and happily found out it was about what I thought...Larkrise to Candleford!!
I LOVE all those mini series and could watch them over and over!!! Have you seen Cranford? I'm sure you have!!!
Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" and that I lived in El Cajon in the 80's and loved it there!
Take care and so nice to meet you!!


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie, Jo Anne is the best!I love going to wool crazy. Cranford was great too. I love bbc and Jane Austen. I just got back from gathering dodder for dyeing.I live in Crest so I walked out my door and went hiking with Hubby and Maulie . I'll be posting our adventure. Thanks for being a follower.I love comments Lol Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie, O.k. I had heat stroke from the hike. Lol It's the other Joa nne of snippets and scraps of my mind. I love her blog. Sorry for the confusion I had a drink of water and realized it wasn't the Joanne class I am taking this week. Your blog is great!Cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
I read a couple articles here in Ohio about the happenings at the Spreckels mansion. Very sad and strange.
Pug hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren,It is very sad the T.V. stations are covering it like crazy.It is a big mystery.
One week til Long beach quilt show!