Sunday, July 31, 2011

Long Beach Imagination Quilt Show

What a nice Convention center.

Well I did take pictures of the Long beach International quilt show and it was interesting but my dumb camera acted up and I only caught pics arriving and leaving. I am so bummed but you will just have to use your imagination this time. Sorry! My favorite exhibit was the  Baltimore quilts which allowed no photo taking .There was a lot of art quilts from all over the world and lots of interesting quilts that were beautiful but I was disappointed by the lack of traditional quilts.So as I downloaded my pictures there was a gasp Oh No a blank bunch of pictures! I am not sure what happened I kept putting the camera in my bag and so clearly that was not a good idea. I think the gremlin in my camera thought the same way about the lack of Traditional quilts and acted up. My girlfriend told me Long Beach is known for having lots of Art Quilts.

 Ladies start your engines.

Imagine your at a large convention center lots of ladies walking around your feet is hurting from all the walking your doing.It seemed like the aisles were packed at times and then less ladies. This was not as busy a quilt show as three years ago when I went. That time they had actually ran out of food. That time it had been so packed that you could barely get in a booth this time there was only a couple booths like that.   Primitive gathering quilt shop was a hit. That booth was packed the whole day.I loved looking at their wools and books.I went with Linda and Janet and we really didn't shop alot. I was disappointed I wanted to see some civil war material but there was none of that anywhere at the show. Heart to Hand had their usual nice wool patterns. That was good booth.

 Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine had a booth.

   The new Primitive  quilt and Projects Magazine had a booth with rug hooking kits and some wool. The first issue had been sold out at the Country Loft so I bought the issue at the Prmitive Quilts and Projects booth.

 The gals signed it for me. I think this magazine is really packed with great designers and really good projects.
I would highly recommend it.                                                                           

 A busy booth was a booth that focused on japanese fabric. There was alot of ladies looking through their fabrics.I bought a half yard of a cute lion material. I think I want to cut it in little squares for a little quilt for Baby Jack. I bought a cute pattern for a doll. I love all types of dolls but for some crazy reason I like ugly dolls.I think it's because I loved the book TheVelveteen rabbit as a child and  so somebody has to make dolls that look a little out of sorts. Lol

                                      Main floor of Convention center 
                                    All the quilters are down stairs at the show.

                            I know it's just a bus but I had taken
                                         a picture of it.

                        Bus ready to go and goodbye Long Beach

                                  Traffic jam on the way home from                                        Long beach.

                                                 View from the bus of the Pacific Ocean




Rugs and Pugs said...

Even if it wasn't what you expected, it sounds like you had a good time.
That lion fabric will make a cute quilt for baby Jack.
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

It was fun.I did have a good time . I guess I really like traditional, primitive and folk art quilts the best, Cheri

Farm Girl said...

what a lovely day!! I just got that magazine in the mail yesterday.
It was so awesome to see that quilt in your photograph. I want to make that quilt so bad.
Long Beach looks as pretty as always.
So nice you had a good time.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Farm girl, There is just not enough days in the week to do projects! I loved the magazine.Have a good week. Cheri

terry said...

Went to the show on Thursday - preview night. No crowds and plenty of time to shop and look. I was somewhat disappointed in the show this year - hardly any good vendors except for Primitive Gatherings & the new Willow booth. Liked Pudding Stone, but found I had most of the patterns they were selling. Very few international vendors - only one from Australia and that was for bears. Too many jewelry, massage, shoe vendors for my taste (at a quilt show??) I spent way less than $100 including parking and entry fee. Will think hard about going next year. I think Road to California is a better show. Just saying.

Terry in So. Calif.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Terry I agree. I like Road to California better. It was a fun day with friends. I liked Pudding stone and Primitive gathering but I too didn't see anything I couldn't get at my local quilt store.