Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Christmas stocking time

 It's too hot !
Christmas in July                          

I opened the box that Alice stored all that I needed
to continue the tradition.
  Every family has a tradition and when I married into my husbands family it was Christmas stockings. My mother in law made stockings for all her kids and as her children married she made stockings for their spouses. So for the last six months long before baby Jack was born I have been hearing from everyone that I need to make baby Jack his Christmas stocking. My mother in law Alice gave me the box full of treasures with everything she used on her Christmas Stockings

including the home made pattern she used in the 1950’s. The box is like a time capsule of Christmas.

All the goodies I have to sew on Baby Jack's 
Christmas stocking. 
 So add this to my list of Christmas in July projects. I needed to find the felt in Christmas colors and keep the tradition alive this summer. I don’t want to rush at the last minute trying to make the Christmas stocking . Luckily Linda and I found some green colored felt when we went on our test drive for the quilt show.

 No fancy pattern a plain paper bag made into 
a stocking pattern.
 Another tradition my hubby’ family has is Santa. When I first married into the family someone would dress up in the Santa suit. We would hear Santa ringing his Christmas bell and everyone would act like Santa was making a personal Christmas eve visit. The door would open and Alice would be all excited greeting Santa. Back then there were no grandkids yet to see Santa . So it was funny to see all these adults going along with a Santa visit. Santa would ask have you been a good girl or boy? Then hand you a present. Everyone acted like it was the real deal. Someone would ask about the reindeers and how Rudolph was doing it was so funny! There were hugs for Santa and Santa telling us he had other homes to visit that night. I sometimes wonder what the neighbors thought if they looked out their window and saw Santa standing at the doorway. Lol!

Earlier in the evening Alice had taken all the presents and put them in Santa’s bag. so it was so spot on in a reenactment. It was so embarrassingly funny in this conservative family to have such a light hearted tradition. Totally unexpected but really a great tradition. Well of course Megan wants the tradition to continue . Santa’s suit is hanging in our closet waiting for Grandpa Jack to continue a family tradition that is dear to my hubby’s family this Christmas Eve. I am sure I am not the only one with family traditions at Christmas. The torch has been passed to me and as I open the treasured Christmas stocking box I think of all of us women who love family and continue what our mothers or grandmothers started as we bridge time by continuing what they began so long ago. Cheri
                                                  My newest project rug I am working on.I added a gobble
                                                  and the words Give thanks which I am still hooking,


Saundra said...

Cheri ~ what wonderful family traditions and it is endearing to hear about them continuing on today.

Love your turkey.

Kim said...

I love your homemade stocking tradition. You will have a lot of fun customizing Jack's special one.
But for me, the thought of Christmas anything in July is just too much! Hohoho :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Girls. I need to start now so I can work on three things at once instead of one thing which bores me. My turkey is from last year I found a applique pattern in a book and then added the words. I am off to the groomer Maulie is way to hot!

Farm Girl said...

I think it sounds wonderful and I have made so many stockings through the years. I could just recycle them. I love the Santa tradition how very sweet. I love your rug too. Very nice.

terry said...

I too make Christmas stockings as new members enter the family fold. Mine are needlepoint stockings and my two children have had theirs since they were toddlers which was many moons ago. I currently am working on stockings for two new grandbabies -hope to finish by this Christmas.

Since the stockings turn out pretty big, I was challenged to fill them with goodies - many silly gifts with one really nice one buried in the loot.

Terry in So. Calif.

Ter'e said...

What the heck is little Maulie??? What a precious puppy!!!!!!!!

Courtney said...

What fun traditions. I just love Christmas stockings--shopping for the little stuffers and also getting them!

Rugs and Pugs said...

What great traditions. I am happy to hear you are continuing them!
Love that little gobbler!
Is Maulie a bit cooler?
Hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Everybody, Maulie Brown is a shitzu.Maulie's relatives have been on the cover of a shitzu book and won ribbons but Maulie is just a pet and happy to just be our dog companion. Needlepoint Christmas stockings wow that is a lot of work! Have a nice weekend.

Leontien said...

Great traditions!!! But it is a little to early for christmas for me! ;-)

Thanks for sharing and i hope you have a great sunday!


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Leontien, Hope the cows are doing O.k. in the heat!

Ter'e said...

Maulie looked a little "hot" and I did not recognize her breed. I should have. Sorry about that. Kiss her on the head for me.
BTW, if she ever needs a friend, my sister rescues Shih Tzu's in San Diego. She also does a few other breeds..............

Just in case you ever want a sister or brother for Maulie........ Susan is a dreamgirl at finding forever homes for her little rescues.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Tere I love Shitzu but the grooming costs and vet bills kills me.One doggy is it for me. Maulie gets her hair done more then me. Lol she got her summer cut and is happy being cool. That is wonderful your friend rescues these wonderful dogs. Thanks for the info. Cheri