Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dyeing Wools,Cheri Payne Quilt and Wool Crazy!

                                                   Tuesday Rug Hooking Group

                                       As I race through my post with so much to talk about this
                week. This was a picture I took on the way home from collecting Dodder
               on Sunday.

Not much rug hooking was done. Country Loft had new classes, new wools and patterns so we were too busy looking at everything and visiting. Between sharing my Dodder and explaining how I got the pretty yellow color it was non stop visiting and jaws a movin.   Marjorie explaining about a book she is reading called The root of wild madder It tells the tale of dyes and history.I have to check that book out at the library it sounds interesting.
                                                                       That's a swatch of  
                                                          wool dyed Pomegranate 
                                                          on Marjories book.
                                                          I love that color.

Michele  had the cutest doll bed to share. Michele is also a excellent rug hooker . One of Michele's  rugs is in one of Renee Plains books.Michele  is making another rug for Renee Plains newest book.

           Here is  Pam as usual Pam is a excellent Quilter, rug hooker and basket maker.
             Her website has great pictures of her quilts.
Pam brought two quilts she had finished . Pam quilted our Cheri Payne quilt a donation for the Sew for the cure later this month at Country Loft.  I have two blocks in that Cheri quilt somewhere.
                                              Cheri Payne quilt                     

This is Janes bears she is making for the project for children in developing Countries.The Mother Bear project helps children with Aids and Hiv with a simple bear and a little show of Love.
 Jane saw a wonderful article in knitting magazines and there she went helping others with her knitting. Jane also teaches kids to play piano and I love to hear about the recitals.What a kind woman.

   Lot's of information gets passed during rug hooking  on a variety of subjects . There is a wealth of infomation that we all know and so were able to benefit from others.   What’s funny we all sit at the same chair every time .Sometimes I think we should change seats and mix it up a little. It reminds me of pews at  a church. For some reason when you sit at the same pew in a small church you are a creature of habit and always surprised seeing someone in your so called seat.

 Yes I am still working on it.

Wool Crazy was fun I totally forgot my camera sorry. Jo Ann Mullally who is the creator of several books on using wool in projects did show and tell and had at least a dozen projects she has finished.Check out Jo Ann's blog.
Jo Ann is going to have one of her projects in the next issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.
Jo Ann was the original wool Crazy artist
I have seen other pattern makers now going wool crazy and I have to laugh they look like Jo Ann's just lighter wool colors.   There was a cute article she did on her mom in this months issue of Primitive Quilt magazine. I love the way my wool crazy project is coming along.Even though I work on it just once a month I plug away. We also got some wool scraps from Jo Ann’s grab bag of wool and a new handout pattern oh plus brownie and bagels. So now you know why I am not hungry.
That’s about it two days of fun and Saturday the biggest quilt show in California.
It is going to be crazy.



...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Look at how big that little darlin' is getting...
You certainly are surrounded by plenty of talented friends.
Enjoy the weekend!
Susan x

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Susan, You are such a good photographer. I am off to Long Beach on Saturday I am so excited to see all the quilts.Cheri

Bee Lady said...

Beautiful quilts and love the teddy bears. What a sweet woman to knit/crochet for others. Those poor children would be adults by the time I finished something for them.

This weekend in our town is a Quilt Shop Hop which I bet you and your friends would love. It's quilt shops from all over Indiana getting together in one building and having booths and selling their items. Easy to spend too much money, even if you don't quilt!

Cindy Bee

Larkrise garden girl said...

Cindy bee that sounds like fun. I also work on projects the speed of a turtle. Lol Quilt hops are fun but one building sounds great. You save on gas. Have a fun weekend.Cheri

acorn hollow said...

those quilts are beautiful and that baby is just the sweetest.
sounds like you had so much fun.

Larkrise garden girl said...

It was fun Cathy,I wish I could sleep like Baby Jack snoozing away!

Joanne said...

Love that doll bed quilt! So cool! Love that pic of that precious baby! He's so cute and looks oh so comfy! Thanks for the "quilt" show!

Larkrise garden girl said...

I am glad you liked the quilt show.

Gayle said...

Thanks for sharing information about Pam (fiber artist). I enjoyed visiting her website and blog - that sewing room of hers is to DIE for!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Gayle, I know I love her quilt room and she is a fantastic quilter.Pam is quite the fiber artist.