Monday, July 25, 2011

A Dodder we will go in search of natural dyes

Witch's Hair or Dodder
Summer gathering in

Late Sunday Hubby Maulie and I went on our little hike in search of witch‘s hair.  
                                   What a nice surprise
                                 Look  at the wonderful cochineal!
I try to keep all my promises so I was determined to go hiking to get some dodder for my rug hooking friends. Our rug hookers group meets Tuesday so today I had to get it done.

On the way to the trail I spied some prickly pear cactus with some cochineal on it that’s a great insect for dyeing and produces a wonderful pink. I will have to go back and gather it with gloves.

Our little troop was on a hike to find more Witch’s hair. This time the witch’s hair or dodder had become hard to find. Note to self pick earlier in spring! At first we were just seeing dried up witch's hair that was brown.Further along the trail the witch’s hair had changed color more yellow instead of orange so we kept walking on the dirt trail looking for more orange witch’s hair. All we could find was a yellow color. I am really not sure how well it will dye. I love the soft yellow that dodder makes when the dodder is orange so this will be a new dye trial .

                                                           A hiking we will go

 Looking out from the trail which
goes up and down the mountain.

                          Witch's hair gathering for five rug hookers


 picking away at the freshest orange color

 There hubby goes around the bend and kept going....

 O.K so as I stood and waited at the top of hill watching hubby disappear I started to get a little spooked The path we were on went up and then down and so even though I was above him I had rocks and mountain above me. The paths are isolated so I was hidden. First he was taking too long going around the bend searching for witch’s hair . It sure seems quiet when your by yourself. I waited about10 minutes as I yelled “Jack” There is no yell back.

 Maulie and I are looking at each other. I am thinking to myself maybe he needs to get a hearing test! I also thought what a dumb idea to let him go ahead of me Finally after the fourth time yelling he yells back. A few minutes later I see coming up the trail. a huge bag of Dodder. Jack has a look on his face like what’s the big deal. Men!

In my Cheri imagination I have Maulie eaten by a coyote and me I have been devoured by a mountain lion which has been watching from the rocks above me and has carried me off. Oh and then not to mention the rattlesnake that has gotten Hubby Jack while he is gathering the dodder. Some people are better off not using their imagination. That would be me.

Going home.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Well. I for one am glad you did not get eaten by a mountain lion :) How sweet of hubby to gather dodder for you. Happy dyeing.
Pug hugs :)

Leontien said...

Ohh I love that last picture!

And And Thank You Cheri for your sweet comment on my HOT post! And i love to tell you about all the things we do here!


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren, I have quite the imagination. Lol and Leontien I love hearing about the cows.Cheri

Courtney said...

I can't wait to see the results of these natural dyes. I would be imagining all sorts of stuff too! I think it means we're creative! LOL

Saundra said...

Cheri ~ Like you I have a great imagination when it comes to bad things happening, wish my great imaginatin could be channeled into designing magnificent rugs....but alas not so.

Cannot wait for you to share your natural dying results using the dodder as well as the cochineal.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Well so far note to rug hookers. i soaked the wool overnight and then I cooked it on warm for 20 minutes today . The witch's hair had been soaking overnight. Summer dodder is not as good no pretty yellow like in the spring yet. I am not sure of I need to use more dodder in a pot . I am going to soak it for a couple days in the pot and see if the dodder releases more color. The experiment is still on. I add alum as a mordant.

Dog Trot Farm said...

I too am looking forward to seeing the natural dyeing results, I have never heard of witche's hair or summer dodder, sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing future hooking projects, hope you are enjoying your summer! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

Larkrise garden girl said...

It's getting more yellow. It's just plain Dodder but I harvested it in the summer.It's better in the spring when the plant is more orange.Maine sounds lovely.Cheri

Farm Girl said...

That still amazes me. I love when you go looking for stuff to dye with.
I can't wait to see what color it cooks up too. I mean once it is in the wool.
Do you use the prickly pear or the stuff on it?

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Farm girl, The stuff you use is the insect (the white stuff you squish to get a pink color.) I will get a knife and scrape the insect off the plant. My rug hooker friends loved the dodder and a hooking friend Marjorie gave me a bag of dried corepsis! Yippee!