Friday, May 13, 2011

My Thursday dilemma's



Some weeks fly by and you feel like you are getting so much accomplished then there are weeks where the days drag on …I have been hanging out at the hospital all week with Megan. I have been able to work on my quilt there is a lot of hand work to do. So I sit as they monitor her contractions and stitch. I was going to visit my daughter like I have done every day this week when her husband called stay home contractions 3 minutes apart. We have all been taking turns I am in the morning and afternoon then her husband is there all evening and night.

Today I thought there was going to be a baby and then change of plans they stopped .First glitch in the day Poor Megan.

 So I went to Lowes a nice outing pick up a rose bush and use my birthday gift card. It was great for some reason I love hardware stores. I love looking at the paint section the different stepping stones, and of course the garden section with the plants. I browsed away happy with my purchases a great diversion from the stress of this week. Walking to the parking lot and I thought my Suv looks lopsided. I recalled in my past experiences that might be a flat tire!

Sure enough a big flat tire. This is the second flat tire I have had in the last three years. If there is a nail in the road I’ll be the one that gets the flat. Lol

I called Hubby at work and he was at Lowes in a flash. I was relieved the tire was changed and thought I am going to post about having Mekenna and Hallie visiting when third event that stopped me in my track. Blogger was down. Three strikes today I am calling it a day. Tomorrow will be better. Cheri
                                                 Hallie is a big blood hound smelling everything!

                                      Tomorrow is better I am planting my yellow rose!


Julia said...

I feel bad about poor Megan. I hope and pray that everything goes well for her.

Having a flat tire is not fun, I've had two myself and call the CAA road assistance insurance both time and the come and change my tire for me, even locked the keys in the car and they came to help me out.

Having Blogger down sure was an adjustment for me too. Good luck with that new baby. JB

Orange Sink said...

Hi Cheri,
Bad stuff always happens in three's...... so they say!
No baby yet!! They come when ready.....
I hope Blogger gets the kinks out soon too!

Thanks again for doing the wool give-away! I walk past my winnings and wonder if I'll ever get time to hook any of it! I love just looking at it though!
Will be keeping you and your family in special thought and prayer as you await the baby!
Cathy G

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi everyone, The good news is the baby is staying put but it is taking it's toll on Megan's health. I feel so torn on one hand it's doing good staying put but having contractions for 10 days is hard on her body . Having blogger down was crazy. I thought it was me. Lol

Courtney said...

Oh, my dear, I so feel for your daughter. She's getting her "mother" lessons so quickly! I keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Hope that she stays strong and baby comes when ready!
All my blessing to one and all!

Farm Girl said...

I will keep your daughter in my prayers that is a long, long time. I thought it was me too. You had commented and I was going to comment back and I couldn't get to you and it was so terrible.
I wanted to say I appreciated your comment.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Blessing farm girl back!