Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day week Heavens To Betsy Wool Give away!

 I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life. ~Abraham Lincoln

          Mothers Day is approaching and hopefully you and I will be surrounded by loved ones.         
          There are many women who aren’t technically Moms that mentor and influence children
          not to mention women who care for ageing family members. It's all mothering to me.
                                             So I make us all Mothers this week

 So I thought this week let's have fun with a quick Heavens To Betsy  wool give away !! Mothers 
come in all shapes and sizes kinda like wool. Some wool is bright and colorful another aged and a little bit primitive but all the wool is wonderful.There is some wool that has seen better days not Heavens to Betsy wool of course. Lol!
If you were a wool color what would you be?
I would be a definite primitive wool with lots of small checks and I would be a background color a neutral. I would be the background because you can't finish your wool rug without a background color, that completes a great rug.

 Sunday I thought I am going to have a quick Heavens to Betsy Wool give away this week. It starts Monday night and ends Friday evening. I know that’s quick but I thought it would be a fun week day distraction. So here we go……..Here are the simple rules.

Sorry only open to Canadians and United States wool lovers.

Simply leave a comment on Back To Larkrise blog sharing with us all a nice thing about your Mom and that you want to be in the Heavens to Betsy Give away.
Don't forget I need a way I can contact you if you win.
Also if you want an extra chance to win go to Heavens to Betsy blog  and leave a comment about the give away and mention Back to Larkrise. That’s it. Maulie will pick the winner.

My happy memory of my mom is as a little girl she made me a lovely little red and white polka dot dress  I loved it!  The dress was so puffy and I felt like a little princess! She was not a sewer but it was quite impressive. So what’s your memory? Cheri


Rugs and Pugs said...

Mother's Day 2010 was the last time Mom was out of the house. She passed away 2 weeks later. Love you, mom. Miss you much.
Hugs :)
Oh, and please enter me in the give-away. I LOVE Betsy's wool.

Gayle said...

My Mom is the one who taught me to sew - and to love using my hands to make things. I can't imagine life without these skills and talents - and I'm so thankful that she passed them on to me!

I think I would be a neutral wool, so I could be dyed to meet any need in any situation!

I left a comment on Heavens to Betsy's blog!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thank you for sharing
Lauren, The proof is in the pudding
she raised you she must have been a wonderful
mom! Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Gayle, What a wonderful thing for your mom to pass on.Good Luck! Cheri

Julia said...

My Mom passed away in 2009 after a brave battle with stomach cancer only 9 months after my Dad passed away. My Mom was a kind and generous lady and everyone who met her loved her. She as taught me to be kind to others and to share of myself and to always do the best I can with what I got. She taught me how to sew at an early age when my feet were barely reaching the pedal of her old Singer sewing machine and she taught me to knit mittens, socks and scarves. I miss her but I know that she's no longer suffering in heaven. So in her honor , I'll enter your Heavens to Betsy wool give away. Thanks for this opportunity to have a chance in this give away Cheri. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, What a wonderful legacy your mom left you! Your mom sounds so much like you.I love hearing all these wonderful things about moms.Your mom sounds like she could get things done. Wow! Cheri

Orange Sink said...

My Mom is 80 years old now. Three years ago on Mother's Day she got sick and almost died. She is still with us and is doing great now! In fact she helps me tear apart wool clothing for my rug hooking! Bless all Mom's on Mother's Day...... and may we celebrate them each and every day!
Thanks for another chance to win some of that wonderful HTB wool!
Cathy G

Courtney said...

My mother is a courageous woman and when I face large challenges I think of how she forges through life! My grandmother taught me all needlework crafts. I miss both my grandmas very much.
I'd love to be entered into your giveaway!

acorn hollow said...

My mom passed away in 2008 she couldn't wait for yard sale season. we would get up early Sat mornings and hit the local yard sales. So she taught me that treasures are every where. I would love to be entered into the giveaway.

Andrea@That'll Do Farm said...

My mom shared her love of reading with me. She is rarely without a book and I seem to be the same way. Little Women, Gone with the Wind, the Little House books, Ann of Green Gables -- she introduced me to them all.

Thanks for the opportunity to win some of this beautiful wool.


My memories of my Mom will always be her working side by side with Dad in the fields. Daddy's been gone almost 14 months now but Mom still lives on the farm and still worries about the crops...She's 83!! Love HTB wool and would love to win! Hugs, Sher

Karen Norris said...

My Mom taught me how to sew. Sweet memories of my Mom who passed away 20 years ago way to young.She crocheted a black shawl for each of the 3 girls and I passed it on to my daughter. I won the last wool giveaway so don't enter me so someone else can win. Good luck. P.S. I'm saving my wool for a special project!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Everybody, I love hearing about everyone's moms and grandmother . It's a delight to hear all the different interests and character they all passed on to you all!Cheri

Farm Girl said...

I would like to be in your wool give away. What a nice question. I have been given the gift of two mothers, my Mom died at 30 years of age in 1969 my Dad remarried in 1970 giving me a new step mom and 3 brothers. Both women gave me their hearts and taught me the profound lesson in sacrifice and giving. My second Mom died in 2009 she was so sick, she knew we were all going back to her house for her birthday.
She got off the couch, drove 20 miles into town, got food and a new shower curtain and things to make her house look homey all for us.
She got home and had to be rushed to the hospital and she never came back home.
But that was her life, giving and giving never thinking of herself,
I was blessed with two women like that and I am so thankful.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Farm girl, What a fortunate person you were to have such good Moms in your life. Cheri

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

My Mom is still here and for that I'm grateful. I think my Mom bestowed upon me her love of Nature and how simple is always best...
I think it would be hard to choose a wool colour for like Nature herself my mood is always changing and the palette of shades does too!
Susan x

Linda said...

My happy memory of my mom is one of the last ones...when she decorated the dining room for my birthday and held a party complete with a cake she had also decorated. It was 1971, I was 24 and my husband was in Viet Nam. She died unexpectedly 4 months later. She was always creating something...a seamstress and crafter extraordinaire! She would have enjoyed my love of all things wool!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Everybodys moms sound like such interesting and caring moms. What a group of lucky Ladies!Hugs Cheri

Miccosukee said...

My happiest memories of my mother has been how, not matter that there were eight of us "rugrats" running around, she made sure that each of us felt special and no one was favored.

She also taught us all how to be thankful for what we had and how to make do without feeling deprived. I count myself blessed as she will celebrate her 88th birthday in June. I look forward to our daily telephone call.


Miccosukee said...

P.S. Please enter me in your wool give-away, I was thinking upon my mom and forgot to include that.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Trisha,Lucky you! Loved your comments about your mom, Cheri

Linda W said...

My Mother's greatest gift to me was the stability she gave to me through out her life. She was my constant to the day she died. A true lady was the only way to describe her but a spitefire of one. Beautiful needlework of any kind, cook, baker, worked full time, faithful to her church, wonderful friend and if her two story house needed painting, she painted it! The second gift she gave me was being the best role model for our two children. Bless be her memory.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I love everybodys comments their all so heartfelt.Cheri

ShabbySheep said...

Hi Larkrise garden girl! I thought I knew about All the rug hooking blog out there, and then I saw yours this morning!!!
I'd like to say that my mom was my saving grace as I battled breast cancer this past year. She was with me personally or on the phone every day and keeping me up and positive. She just turned 82 last week and I'm so grateful for every birthday and mother's day I have with her.
Please enter me in your give away too!
I'm a new follower too! Please come and see my blog too! I just left Heavens to Betsy's, but I'll go back and make a comment about your give away too!
Nice to meet you!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Fellow Sheri That's what is so great about mom's their love keeps on ticking! No matter how old we get. I have had several friends with breast cancer it is truly a battle.Cheri

Courtney said...

I've been reading in other posts that your daughter is in the hospital with some premature labor. I hope she is doing alright. I'll keep her in my prayers.
Thinking of you and your family!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Courtney, I am back home in Crest taking care of her dogs who are her babies.Maulie can be a little bit of a diva. The round trip in one day was hard.Driving while worried is not good. At least this hospital has a nicu unit. I am hearing updates from her husband.I hope the medicine their giving the baby for his lung development works. Thanks for keeping Megan in your prayers.Blessings back Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Courtney, The baby just needs to stay in her for a little while longer.I am doing a mothers day week giveaway because I knew she was delivering in a month and what happens.Babies have a mind of their own.I do feel good she is at real good hospital in San Diego and they have a real good Nicu unit.That's why the other hospital transferred her.

Kim said...

I'm sending good thoughts and prayers for you and your family and a safe delivery for baby.
Hugs, Kim

Ter'e said...

It goes without saying that I love HTB wool. I love all the "back stories" that she tells too. Makes me appreciate her wool supply even more.

I was raised, pretty much, by a foster Mother in CA. I went to live with Barbara when I was just 12. Barbara turns 80 this year and I still love to tease her about her lack of expertise in the kitchen.

I lived with her family in the 60's. Money was tight then too. She used to make hamburger patties, buttered noodles and red jello. Hey - I forewarned you - she was a terrible cook then. By the time we all got to the table, the jello had melted and the noodles had turned pink. I never resist teasing her about her "pink noodles" and how I never developed that dish for my own family. I love her more today than I did 47 years ago!!!!! Never a week goes by that we don't spend at least an hour on the phone. She lives in CA and I, in FL.
Thanks for the giveaway! Good Luck to all of us.

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a great Mom Ter'e.She sounded wonderful.