Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mekenna, Mekenna , Mekenna,

This Sunday I barely rolled out of bed. Night seems like it goes on forever and lack of sleep is getting hubby and I loopy.Mekenna has been having a time of it and Megan suggested giving extra hugs and attention well I have! Last night I thought I’d let her lay on the bed and maybe she would be calmer and happier. Bad idea!

 The culprit
 Mekenna laid on top of the covers seemed to be doing fine. Scroll ahead hours. Yelp yelp yelping total chaos in the darkness . I don’t know why she is yelping wakes me out of a calm sleep . I flick the light on to see what happened don’t even know what happened Morris is looking at me like Did I do that? I had forgotten Morris likes to jump in bed at night! It’s three in the morning and I am looking at the dog wondering will she ever be happy unless she is back at her home.

The hospital is allowing Mekenna to visit Megan Sunday for a half hour . So hubby took Mekenna with him to the hospital. I don’t think it’s a good idea but that’s just me. Mekenna is such sensitive dog she is upset being at our house and she has stay’s here before when their on vacation.I didn't ask if  mekenna was going in the hospital or what. I will be able to tell when I see hubby's face when he walks through the gate how it went. I am hoping Mekenna will finally calm down and realize she has not been abandoned once she sees Megan and Mike.After I was awoken by crazy yelping dog I couldn’t fall asleep.
Morris seemed to have no problem.

Hubby has started calling Hallie the urinator. I guess he is pooped too!Well I can tell you by the time that baby arrives Hubby and I are probably going to take one look at it’s sweet face and take a snooze. Lol


Courtney said...

You are so good to take in the critters for your daughter! Dogs really get thrown off, don't they? I have my elderly little corgi and I know he'll be freaked out again when we move.
Good luck!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
I hope the visit with mom and dad was just what the doctor ordered for Mekenna. I hope she can calm down and realize she has not been abandoned. You need a good night's sleep!
Pug hugs :)

Farm Girl said...

When this trial is over?? I hope you get to sleep and sleep. I would be so torn to be your poor daughter whose job right now is to rest and wait for the baby. How many weeks is she? My daughter-in-law had to do that and my grandsons were born at 28 weeks. They were so tiny and they are live wires today. They are 4 now and perfect. I think about that time 4 years ago and it was like putting my hand in a fire and watching it burn. Nothing helped.
I have been praying for you and your family.
I will pray for the dog too.
Thank you so much for the comment, I agree
so often life is just like that, and I never bring an umbrella.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, You can't believe how much that helped. That is so wonderful that their 4 and doing well. Your right about the fire. I always feel that whatever God brings in your path you'll learn something and be able to pass it on to someone else.You passed on something Kim, Thanks Cheri

Julia said...

Hi Cheri, I'm feeling for you. I used to have a miniature poodle who had anxiety and to make her feel better when I went away I put an old shirt with my scent on it in her bed and she would sniff it and sleep on it.

You may want to try using a piece of clothing that belongs to the one she is attached to in his bed. You never know, it might help a bit. I'm keeping your daughter and baby in my prayers. Hope that you get some rest. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a great idea Julia, When I go to see Megan I will pick up a piece of her clothing for Mekenna.Hugs Cheri