Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heavens to Betsy wool Give away and a baby that needs to stay put

                                       I had collected this on a hike with hubby to natural dye some wool.
                                       That's what the last couple days have been like. Lol
Well I am soon to announce the give away of the Mother’s day week Heaven’s to Betsy wool Give Away on this Friday!

I loved all your wonderful accounts of loving ,kind, intelligent, giving mothers. How ironic I am worrying as a mom today.

When I started the wool give away I thought well I’ll do it the first of May because my daughter Megan’s baby is due mid June. Well babies have a mind of their own. So a couple days ago I was zooming out to her home and her husband zooming her to their local hospital. It was crazy. I figured I would be there for a little while til they found out what was going on with her . Then next thing I know their local hospital has a ambulance arriving with a nurse and EMT taking her to a bigger hospital with a nicu unit at four thirty in the morning in San Diego. Megan’s husband arrives to their house in the morning poor Megan's hubby was rushing to get some clothes packed for himself for a couple day stay in the hospital. I am half awake half asleep . Meanwhile I am taking her dogs to my home at four thirty in the morning I am calling my husband to tell him what is going on since he is still in Crest every time Mike calls me from the hospital . I hope I make sense. Need I say nobody slept that night..

Why is it that everything dramatic happens in the middle of the night?

Megan is now safe in the hospital with contractions slowing until Sunday on meds to stop the baby from coming.I saw her last night and her Dad even got her to chuckle. The nurses are wonderful!

Hopefully the labor will stop if not she needs to get to Saturday for the babies lungs to be better at 34 weeks. Every week it’s easier for the baby‘s lungs. Please say a prayer for her and the baby .

Motherhood I have been thinking about what a job it is to be a mom you love them before you see them . You love them when their good or bad. You worry all your life about your kids and I think not until you close your eyes on this earth you’re thought will be of taking care of your children. I guess it’s fitting baby Jack is just telling his hopefully not too soon to be mom . I am going to be a new person with a mind of my own.
 Baby Jack just needs to stay put for now.


Julia said...

Little Jack is just thinking that he needs to be nimble and quick...

I sure hope that all goes well for the new grandson and your daughter and that he stays put until the proper time to make his appearance... I would like to add that as a grandmother you'll probably also worry about the grandkids as well... just because..


I hope that you get a chance to rest in the meantime.

Courtney said...

I've been thinking of you and sending prayers up for your daughter and her little son! My kids' grandma was a NICU nurse and there are really no better people on Earth! Those nurses know their stuff and are so helpful and supportive! NICUs can do so much for babies who insist on coming into the world on their own terms.
I'll keep sending strong prayers and good thoughts. Please keep us posted as best you can!

acorn hollow said...

Oh your daughter is in my prayers. what is it that you collected is it grass?

Kim said...

I hope little Jack has some patience and stays put for a while longer. (I love that name) It sounds like your daughter is in a good hospital and I will continue to pray for a safe delivery.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers.Thanks Kim,Julia, Courtney,Cathy.
The name of the plant is called Dodder or witches hair. It grows as a parasite on plants all over California's canyons and mountains and brush. The color comes out as yellow . I am going to use a alum mordant

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
I hope all goes well and they can stop the contractions. Little boys have a mind of their!
Prayers coming your way.
Hugs :)

Jan said...

My heart and prayers are with your daughter and you and family and God willing she will be holding that sweet bundle when God deems its time.
I was born in San Diego, and I didn't realize you were in that area. I was born in the old Balboa Hospital many too many moons ago. LOL
Can't wait for mothers day and I hope that that little baby will wait till its time to make your daughter a mommy. She can always celebrate it next year and many years to come.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Jan, Balboa hospital you must have been a military family.I was born at Mercy Hospital it was run by the nuns in San Diego many moons ago too. Cheri

Toni aka irishlas said...

You all are in my thoughts. Sending good energy your way.

Gayle said...

Sure hope the baby stays put as long as possible, but sometimes the little stinkers have minds of their own! LOL

Please share what that item is that you collected for natural wool dyeing - I haven't a clue!