Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet tea and Janet's finished her hooking!

                                                   Bev and a cute rug she did years ago.

Janet’s finished her rug and now it’s time to bind. I love how her rug turned out! Today was a fun day with hooker friends munching on tuna sandwiches and sipping sweet tea ,laughs. I am close to finishing my big rug it’s the same pattern as Janet’s but note to hookers do the outline first! Because I didn’t hook the outline of my rug I keep having to straighten out the border. My rug keeps getting bigger and bigger.Lol I know that is Hooking 101 but hey some of us do things the hard way. So I am giving myself a deadline next Tuesday the hooking will be complete. Yes I am throwing a Hooker Rug challenge to myself just do it and finish it by Tuesday! . Lol

                                                                  Janet's Rug

I wanted to work on the rug I have been creating so I hooked away on my background all afternoon. It’s nice there were no distractions of Maulie and Morris. Have you ever noticed that two heads are better then one and it’s nice to have other’s give you some input when you are hooking and stuck. Sometimes you want just a little bit of advise when it’s not turning out how you envisioned it in your wool muddled head. I had a basket that was being swallowed up in my background. An idea by Bev and Janet to make the handle a different color and hopefully it will stand out is worth a try. I am going to hook that tonight when I get done posting.  ……… .

                                                                          Janet is starting to bind.


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

The rugs are beautiful... so cozy and inviting.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend.
Susan x

Courtney said...

It's a beautiful rug and pattern. She did a great job! Can't wait to see your rug too!

Julia said...

I learn the hard way too, but I learn in the end. Great job on the Pumpkin House rug. The other one is cute too but I'm not advanced enough to be a critique on primitive. I've only got a small primitive kitty rug under my belt. I need to bind the edge and can't find the right color yarn to bind it with and may have to use black. I don't want to go into expenses for a tiny mat. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, I do love that Maggie B rug. I'm looking forward to seeing yours, too. I think I need to buy that pattern!
Pumpkin house is sweet, too.
Happy Easter.
Pug hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren, I also am working on a Maggie B rug and Tuesday will be my challenge day of getting all the hooking done.It is a big pattern and my biggest rug to date.Happy Easter!smiles Cheri

Jan said...

Oh, you did an awesome job on the rug. I have yet to start my first one as I am a beginner but I don't want to waste anything so I am planing carefully not to make any mistakes. How big is your rug. It is so pretty.
I am always afraid to take that first stitch or punch or hook Heheh

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Jan , I am almost done with mine, Janet finished hers and Bev had the Pumkin house rug on her wall it was so cute. Tuesday I am going to be done with my big rug too. Remember you can always take out a row if you don't like it. Just jump in and become a hooker like the rest of us!Cheri