Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Takeover!!!!

Public Market, Seattle WA

Hi I’m Megan, Cheri’s daughter and my mom made the mistake of letting me have her password when I was helping her with her blog one day. LOL!  See anytime she needs help with loading something, or if the buttons on the side of her blog get switched around she calls me and I fix it while talking to her over the phone.  I warned her that giving me her password would come back to haunt her at some point but I don’t think she believed me!!! Hee Hee!! My intent was to takeover her blog on her birthday yesterday but when I woke up and realized she had already posted I thought I would delay my takeover for one more day. See the intent of this blog takeover is to tell you even more awesome things about my mom.

She mentioned some funny things about her life yesterday but I’ve got more to add to the story….don’t worry mom I’m not going to embarrass you.

My mom is pretty awesome and in about two months will be a grandma for the first time. This has got me thinking a lot about my childhood and how my baby boy will benefit from her influence.

My mom is incredibly creative. When I was little she encouraged me to read and use my imagination. We would go to the library all of the time and I could pick out a stack of books. It was heaven to me.

My mom also knows how to throw an amazing tea party for dolls and teddy bears. She would set up the table with all of my toys and she would hand make little menus for me and then take my “order” wearing a little apron. It was fantastic.

My mom loves Halloween and Pumpkins!

My mom also had a huge trunk filled to the brim with dress up clothes. Various old bridesmaid dresses, funky brooches, necklaces, and poofy hats. My friends and I would dress up in outrageous combinations and flaunt our glamorous selves all around the neighborhood. It was loads of fun.

My mom is incredibly enthusiastic and excitable. For example at Christmas time she has been just as excited about getting a new ipod as she was about getting a few fat quarters of fabric.

My mom is incredibly appreciative. She doesn’t take things for granted and she finds joy in everything.

My mom is incredibly talented, although she never gives herself enough credit. When I was really little she was really into weaving, spinning and dying yarn. I thought she was nuts at the time and then of course I grew up, became obsessed with knitting and fiber arts I had to finally admit to myself that my crazy mom was actually kind of cool. I’m still trying to get my hands on her loom but she’s putting up some resistance! So far I haven’t caught the rug hooking bug quite yet but I’ve wised up enough to realize that what I might think is crazy now might become my newest obsession so I’m biting my tongue. I enjoy seeing how her projects are coming along and watching her fret about what colors she’s going to use next. I’m the same way about picking out yarn for knitting so when she’s talking about color in the back of my head I’m thinking….oh my goodness…I’m turning into my mom!

I hold my mom responsible for my obsession of collecting rocks and sea shells.

My mom LOVES animals. I mean literally loves the heck out of them. Every time I talk to her I get an earful about what the wondrous Maulie is doing (to be honest my dogs Makenna and Halle are way cuter but don’t tell my mom that LOL). Growing up we had dogs, cats, chickens, bunnies, ducks, and a turtle. We had two big dumb dogs that would push open the back door if it wasn’t properly closed and my mom would yell “Megan, get your chickens out of my kitchen.” We had pretty friendly chickens and they would come inside if they had the chance.

My favorite memory of chickens with my mother involves when we discovered that we had unexpected baby chicks. We were so excited and they were so cute! My mom ran inside to call her dad (my Tata) to tell him about our baby chicks and he asked if we had baby chick food for them, to which my mom indignantly replied “won’t the mom feed them.” I was in the other room but could hear my Tata just laughing on the other end of the phone. In a blind panic that the brand new baby chicks would starve my mom raced into the backyard, got a scoop of the regular chicken food, poured in on the kitchen cutting board and began pounding at it with a meat tenderizer. Smashing it into little bits and sending it flying all over the kitchen. It was hilarious. For the record no baby chicks died of starvation. LOL.

My mom has instilled in me the importance of education, reading, creativity, being thankful, the love of making things with my hands, and I’ll admit an obsession with animals. When you are super little you think your mom is the greatest, then you hit those teenage years and she is the most uncool person on the planet, then somehow you get older, get married and are starting your own family and you realize that along the way you’ve turned out to be just like her. I can’t wait for my baby boy to meet my mom. I know she’ll have a lot to teach him since I know how important her lessons helped to shape the woman that I am.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you bunches!

Statue in Laconner WA.


Orange Sink said...

It would appear to me that one of her greatest accomplishments is raising a wonderful daughter who loves her Mom! Sweet Blessings Megan and I hope you don't get into too much trouble for the blog takeover LOL!
Cathy G

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing. Your mom may be terrific, but you sound like a pretty terrific daughter, too.
Hugs :)

Courtney said...

This is the sweetest post! What a lovely happy birthday post to a great Mom from an equally great daughter!

Kathleen said...

Your mother raised a grateful daughter and THAT is her crowning achievement.

Julia said...

Awwww, Cheri, now there's a blessing on your birthday. What a nice daughter Megan turned out to be and what a nice tribute to her mother on her birthday. How is she going to top that on Mother's Day?

Cheri, you are a cool talented blogger, friend and mother soon to be grandmother, and much much more all wrapped into one. Happy Birthday again just for the record. JB

Melaine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERI. You must have been an awesome mom, (creative people usually are) You have a wonderful daughter for sharing all of those good things about you. Congrats on The Grandma to be status.

Betsy said...

LOL!!! Love it. Happy Birthday and congrats on becoming a Grandma shortly! Looks like you did a good job of being mommy, Now you get to say "yes" to all those things you had to say "no" to: Yes, you can have more candy. Yes you can stay up late. :)
It is so funny how closely this post hits home. my mother was talking to someone a few years ago and I overheard say "yeah, She caught the bug" as she was rolling her eyes and smirking. It definately grabs you.
- Now she just has to let you "borrow" that loom. ! Come on Cheri ;0
oh and I steal my mother's ID too.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I am so embarrassed but touched by Megan's blog take over. I have been super busy today ,Wow I didn't know she remembered our dress up and tea parties. Can you see how I have always loved Chickens. Boy my husband just walked with a package from my friend Debbie in MO. I feel like I am being such a gift piggy with all this love .. I am a little shy about my feelings but this was so sweet Megan Love Mom .

Megan said...

Glad you liked it Mom and glad I'm too old for you to ground me!!! I agree with Besty you should totally let me "borrow" that loom! LOL

Kim said...

I would be willing to bet that your blog high-jacking was the best gift your mother received for her birthday. What a lovely post. Thanks!

Leontien said...

haha very sweet! You did a great thing by this "blog takeover"!