Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wool and sheep on my Crazy Quilt mind

Smiling about wool all week,

                                            I keep having to add more and more wool so
                                            I can make a wool border.Yes I am still working on it!                
I am counting down the days until the wools from Heavens to Betsy comes, while I wait I am going to focus on my passion and yours wool, anything to do with wool. I am definitely a wool addict! As I go through my house I look at all my prims and anything doing with sheep and realize I have a lot of wool related items who'd a thought. I look at my Ashford spinning wheel and think I need to spin some wool for a good friend instead of it gathering some dust. I enjoy looking at my shelf where my girlfriend gave me a flock of sheep.I don't have the real ones but this will do for now.
Tonight I am going to work on my wool crazy quilt since I attend a once a month group that meets tomorrow at Country Loft. I need to sew on more wool to the sides so I can add a big border.I think when I finish with this Crazy Quilt I am going to be an old old woman.Sometimes the only way I am going to get something like my Wool Crazy quilt done is to go to class with no distractions except laughter. Sometimes seeing others work being done gets me moving.

I am so behind because I have been busy gardening which I love! I met a women who is crazy about heirloom tomatoes and I think you might call her a tomato snob! When I was introduced to her I explained proudly I planted a Hawaiian tomato plant she smiled but was not impressed this
gardener knows tomatoes!
I was totally jealous she was getting some worm bins for her garden.I chatted about 
chickens, she talked about tomatoes.In this world everybody knows something.Lol 
She was really friendly and I look forward to seeing these special tomatoes she grows.

I am going to hang up my wool sign I bought years ago. So as I succumb to my wool addiction and face the fact that it started with my Ashford and ends with rug hooking

 weathervane is up on the roof
With using wool in everything I do I face the fact that some addictions aren’t bad in fact I think their therapeutic!
I talked to Heavens To Betsy today and the wool should probably be here by the end of the week.
I can hardly wait to take a picture when the wools arrive and start the give away.

I have decided that Morris will pick the winner!Cheri


Gayle said...

Cheri - How fun that you get to choose the lucky winner! I posted some sheepy stuff on my blog earlier today - can never have too many, huh?

acorn hollow said...

Oh I know all about wool addiction. It is a fever pitch here.

Toni aka irishlas said...

The vane looks great! I love the sign, too!

You've inspired me with your prims.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks,I like my home to feel like your going to grandma's house that apple pie feeling even though I am a horrible cook.Lol

Courtney said...

Start spinning girlfriend! I, too, started with my Ashford and went from there. We are so kindred...collecting little sheep while longing for a real flock! Where do you get your roving? I can get you some from my sheep farm source in NH. It's Border/Leicester with Alpaca or Mohair mix. Let me know and I'll send you a batt to play with!!
Hope your wool comes soon!
Ta for now,

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Courtney, Just back from my wool crazy quilt class.I get my wool from different places there is one in Ramona sheep farm and a place in Encinitas not much selection. My ashford has been collecting a little bit of dust with all my rug hooking. Can you believe when I started to spin I could get a whole sheep for 15 dollars but you cleaned the wool and carded everything.That was in the 1970's Now with wool roving it's like cotton candy. Who do you get your wool from that combination of wool sounds good? I once spun collie hair and cow.Lol Cheri

Julia said...

Cheri, your quilt is looking lovely and I love your sheep collection and your Wool sign. The weather vane looks lovely on top of your house.

My daughter is the spinner and does beautiful yarn that she dye and sell but is not interested in rug hooking and I'm not interested in spinning. Go figure.

I'll be off Blogger for a few days as I'm going to my hooking retreat in Nova Scotia. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Oh Julia, Your so lucky have fun. My daughter Megan is a spinner and a knitter not a rug hooker.Right now Megan is 7 months pregnant so she hasn't been spinning lately. I need to start spinning again because that got me involved loving wool and I use to enjoy it so much..Boy Courtney knows a place for getting roving and your daughter is a spinner that is good to know. Have lots of fun and take pictures. Hugs Cheri

Leontien said...

haha looking good!
I love your weathervane (i didn't know they were called that so thank you!)


marcia at Child in Harmony said...

I love your quilt and reading about your wool addiction .
I'm saving our angora rabbit fiber until I learn to spin. I thought about adding sheep or fiber goats to our little homestead.

And i really need to et back to quilting...you have inspired me.

happy day!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Marcia, Angora sounds heavenly to spin.Goats and sheep sound like so much fun on a homestead.
I am getting chickens next spring which I love as pets and their eggs! Keeping busy with projects is my entertainment.Learn to Spin! I have an ashford spinning wheel which I love and is great for beginners.I still use it Once you learn to spin you really appreciate different fibers. Cheri