Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Morning and playing with my prims.

                                                         The Easter Rabbit

                                 This is one of the wood projects my husband has made for me.

Last year a girlfriend who has since moved was having her home put in Country Sampler Magazine Home Tour Edition.  My husband had made this for Elaine.
So Lo and behold there it is on Page 26 against the wall next to the apron.
It doesn’t say his name but it’s his and I was surprised to see it.
I can't afford antiques all the time so I look and see what my hubby can make for me.
That is the essence of Country collecting, refurbishing,creating.Well I had better get to
work on my Rug. It's getting close to binding! Oh Happy Spring!                                       


Courtney said...

Lucky girl with such a talented husband to craft wooden boxes!! I love boxes like that.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Courtney, If you can't buy antiques all the time. I have my husband reproduce them.I love it even more .

acorn hollow said...

Lucky girl! Love the pieces.
happy spring

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Cathy

Julia said...

That's quite something to have a piece made by your husband finding it's way to a Country Sampler magazine. Congratulations. You are so lucky to have a husband to do these projects for you. Happy Spring. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, This is the second time Jack has had a hobby item make it in a magazine. The other thing he made was in classic train magazine. A reproduction load for American Flyer trains he used to make for fun.He used to make reproduction train parts for vintage American flyer as a hobby.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Such a cute little bunny.
There's nothing more endearing than a piece crafted by one's hands and made from the heart.
Happy Spring!
Susan x

Larkrise garden girl said...

Happy Spring!Cheri