Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Garden Show,Lunch and a wonderful flock of Pelicans!

                              I love the country Life but sometimes for fun I go from this

                                                               and this

                                                                To this for the day.


I did like this outdoor shower made with a surfboard.
Isn't that Crazy! 
 Thirty five minutes inland is like night and day. There are so many different lifestyles in San Diego County so going to the beach which is about 35 minutes on the freeway is a fun change of pace from where I live on top of the Hill in the East County of  San Diego.The  beach towns  fun to see what’s happening in that part of the World their shops are always different and artistic. Since I have been so busy it’s been awhile Since I have been out with friends for a whole day. It was a great Day!. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you have been on your own doing your own thing. I am so lucky to have good friends. Linda and I share our love of gardening so we were having a delightful time thinking up projects to do.

Today was the Spring garden show in San Diego so my girlfriend Linda and I headed for the coast. The Del Mar Fair is near the Ocean and so there are lots of cute shops and restaurants to eat in Del mar, Encinitas, Solana beach. Our plan was to go the garden show and then go lunch and hit a plant nursery or two.

Here are some pictures of the Show but I was kind of disappointed there were not many flowery old fashioned plants since Southern California water prices are so high. So their pushing succulents at the show. I bought a yellow Hawaiian Tomato plant a Big Mac Pumpkin plant and  Geum with a pretty yellow flower.
My garden is cottage so I am always looking for old fashioned favorites that will handle the heat.

I use grey water for some plants which helps with my water bills in the summer. But water is a big issue. We can get heat waves in the Summer months where the temps are over 100degrees.

                                               Enough with succulents give me a hollyhock !                                                  


 Isn't this crazy you can make water come out of anything!

   This is a Wedding Cake made out of flowers.
                               See what I said about all the succulents.
As Linda and I putted over to Solana beach I told her let's go eat at Las Olas. It’s a Mexican restaurant across the street from the Pacific. So we had a good lunch walked across the street and walked along the Pacific Ocean. It was an empty beach we were on a roll. As we were walking I noticed a flock of birds coming closer and closer . As they flew overhead They were Big Brown pelicans. It was beautiful to see. I had never seen Pelicans in a formation. So between the smell of the Ocean The pelicans and the peace of the Ocean it was such a relaxing day.
              Driving to Las Olas to have Lunch

 Las Olas in the background. It's where the Palm trees are.

Here comes the Pelicans(click to see how panoramic they looked)

           Pelicans as they're over us,So pretty the picture doesn't show how neat they looked.(click to see them better)

 (Click for a great long shot of the Pacific Ocean)

Dog enjoying a beach walk

The Day ended with a stop at a Quilt shop..The end of a perfect day


Karen Whittal said...

Great photo's thanks for sharing, i enjoy seeing what is going on, on the other side of the world.

Courtney said...

What a wonderful day you had! California is so different than New England. I was born there...and lived there for about 9 years. But since then, I have lived in NE. When I see pictures of CA it brings me back to childhood! Nice.

Kim said...

What a fun day Cheri. I totally want one of those surfboard showers for the beach! Great photos of the pelicans too.
I wish I was walking on that beach right now :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim and Courtney, It was so fun yesterday just got back from grocery shopping. Courtney I love the East Coast I went visiting my brother in Northern Virginia when he was alive.I loved Pennsyvania.New England looks so pretty from photos,and a world of it's own.I do love seasons which we get a little taste of. California is really full of people but I grew up here and it is home.Kim I looooooved the pelicans especially the beaks. I am surprised I did't get bombed on . Lol

acorn hollow said...

sounds like a fun day to me. I love flower shows.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cathy It was fun.I love all the houses that have Spring garden tours this time of year.

Julia said...

What a nice bunch of photos. The pelicans are amazing. I didn't know that they flew in formation like the Canada geese.

Right now I could use a walk on the beach. We are still buried under mounds of snow but today was warmer temperature and the snow went down about an inch. Spring is on it's way, I think. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, I never saw Pelicans flying like that in my Life.It was amazing! I bet Canadian geese look pretty! I bet Spring is on it's way for you.Cheri

Bee Lady said...

Hey there. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm with you, give me a hollyhock over a succulent! Someone needs to put some hollyhocks aroud that surfboard shower for privacy, and they'd grow like crazy from all the water. Loved your beach pictures. All we have right now is snow, snow and snow. But I keep saying spring will be here March 15. The groundhog said so!

Cindy Bee

Bee Lady said...

PS - I have never heard of the mini-series Larkrise to Candleford. Is it on t.v. now or is it an oldie? It sounds like something I'd like and I want to watch it.

Cindy Bee (again)

Verde Farm said...

What a wonderful post! I just love surfboard shower-I would want one too :) Love the displays of flowers and the wedding cake is awesome. Looks like a great trip. Thank you for sharing with FFF!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cindy, Larkrise to Candleford is a series that is on PBS on Sundays . It was a great Series that depicted to towns in England in rural England in I guess the late1800's. The town of Candleford is city like and Lark Rise
is a little Hamlet. The values and Character of this story and it's people is what is so good about the series. There are four episodes left .They just cancelled the series but it can be seen on Utube.Living in Crest reminds me of a smaller town and more rural then when I was in La Mesa and so to me I like hearing birds singing,Chickens in the neighbor making their noise and just being top of a Hill.Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Verde Farms, I don't have a farm but I am so much a country girl at heart. It was fun being included. My post for Friday is going to be Tractor Envy. Lol Cheri

Dog Trot Farm said...

Could there be anything better than spending a day at a garden show? why yes.... a walk along the beach! Lovely photos, I especially enjoyed the photos of the brown pelicans in formation. Seeing my scenery is still all white (snow) I have enjoyed looking at yours. Thank you for sharing.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I Love your dog! I had never seen Pelicans in formation. It made my day!Cheri