Monday, March 14, 2011

Looking through his eyes

As I drove down the 15 freeway on Thursday in Southern California for a visit with my daughter I thought when did I get in a NASCAR Race? Seven lanes of freeway at times and it’s clearly posted 70 miles and hour. I was being pushed to go 80 by my fellow travelers. I had a great visit with Megan and her husband and was able to see some great pictures of her trip to the San Juan Island last October.

Who'd a thought a camel on San Juan Island?

                                        Isn't this a beautiful picture of a Fox!

My daughter Megan is a fanatical Knitter. I don’t know where she gets it she loves sock knitting. I can only knit a plain scarf and I am totally purl challenged.Lol!

So last October Megan was off to a Sock camp with Cat Bordhi on San Juan Island. Megan had gone to a Sock Summit a year before and had a wild time in Portland. Who knew Socks can have Summits it doesn’t have to be world leaders. Maybe this world would be a better place if our world leaders had to knit a pair of socks while they discussed getting along with our different countries. Just a thought.

Here are some of the pictures Megan took. What struck me as I sat looking at her photo’s on the computer screen is how her pictures were so interesting. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful as I looked at Lighthouses, Otters, bald Eagles.  The old cemetery in the middle of a forest was so unusual I thought of my late Dad. My Dad was in the civil service repairing planes in Vietnam during the Vietnam War . He traveled at times overseas from the Philippines to Hawaii. My father loved photography and he always was taking pictures especially when he retired.  After retirement my father had a part time job as a photographer taking head shots for aspiring actors wish he enjoyed. My dad with his camera was a constant occurance. I remember being in his darkroom as he slowly developed  his photo's and the smell of the chemicals.  As I looked at Megan’s photo’s I thought Wow my Dad would love these pictures!
It was like a kiss from the grave realizing how our loved ones interests touch us and live on with the hobby’s or values we treasure. As I take pictures with my camera I think how hard it is to take an interesting picture. I wonder about us all and what do we remember that we carry on subconsciously that carries on from the past to the present touching our daily lives.

       Lime Kiln Point Lighthouse


Courtney said...

What a nice post! I love the connections between your dad and his granddaughter! I'm a sock knitter myself. I get a mindless pattern and just go round and round. The turning of the heel is easier than it looks...just makes you look talented! I was thinking the other day that I should put another pair on the needles before summer!

acorn hollow said...

a sock summit huh sounds fun but like you I do not knit much. Love the pictures she took I love the fence by the fox.

Kim said...

Beautiful photographs. She has talent.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, Thanks I thought Megan did a great job.Megan's other pictures were really interesting.Megan was an archeologist and cultural resource manager and use to dig on San Clemente Island in the channel Island , She loved San Juan Island.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Courtney and Cathy,I wish I could knit better but I just don't have the Knack.The sock summit was for avid sock knitters. It was at a Portland convention center and sock knitters met other people who love to knit socks. It was similar I am sure to any big convention with Vendors and teachers. I think they even broke the guiness record for a group sock knitting at one time.
The last convention I went to was a Quilt show.

Verde Farm said...

Megan’s pictures are wonderful-what a great trip :)I would love to visit San Juan Island. I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my post today--it helped :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

I am so glad. I felt for you, Hugs Cheri

Julia said...

Wow, what a great picture of a silver fox. I know people were raising them for fur coats but this one looks wild.

Your daughter is a great photographer, inherited talents no doubts.

I have never heard of a knitting convention. I learn something new all the time. Thanks for sharing, JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, It was wild she took a picture of it as it approached them . She wasn't scared of it but it was watching them and she had a series of pictures where it is hiding and then walking down to their car. It was pretty! I thought foxes were red.Cheri

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Beautiful photos...
It probably would be a much calmer world if more got together for a sock summit. It sounds like fun.
Enjoy the week and warmer weather.
Susan x

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Susan, I'll tell Megan how everybody loved her photo's.It's a pretty day today.My day in California has started. I went outside and could hear a woodpecker pecking away!I love birds,