Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things that go bump in the night

Weekend of Rain

This weekend we had a couple of storms one after another.

I had forgotten how windy it could get up here and in previous years some big trees around our home toppled.  Well I was a little scared.Every time I heard a strong gust I just cringed. Of course my hubby sleeps no matter what calamity is happening. Lol The wind was intense and we even had hail.This tree fell down  two Januarys ago .There is nothing so frightening then listenening to a crack and then not knowing where the tree is falling. The only damage we had last night is  part of a fence fall down.Oh well. Lol

                                                That use to be my old chicken
                 coop where I kept the chickens that were bullys. My equivilent to Chicken
                               time out.

 My wood burning stove was going all night and in the middle of this howling storm Morris wanted out!

So My husband let him out and within minutes I could hear a cat fight. So once again my husband is yelling for Morris in the middle of the night. Morris came in as usual he lost. So the last day Morris has been laying next to the wood burning stove roughed up. I see no wounds so that’s good but he is definitely not a happy camper.I guess Morris is having some boundary issues. He was next door when he got in a cat fight. I hope he isn't a slow learner. Morris is doing fine just snoozing today and keeping warm.

Here is how my little sewing room is progressing

                                                 I will always love dolls.

                                          I have been hooking but I haven't got enough done to show

                                         you the design. Cheri

Pick me up!


acorn hollow said...

We had high winds also but lost no trees. Our cat got in a fight and had no wounds but got an infection in a tooth puncher site we didn't see. keep a watch on him

Kim said...

I don't like those howling, windy storms either. It's creepy in the middle of the night. I hope Morris doesn't get in any more battles.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Cathy, I am watching him closely.Morris has cost us more vet bills then any cat we have ever had.I never thought of tooth puncher sites.
Morris was a cat that we adopted when he was dumped and ended up in our back yard.Morris is such a pain at times but we love him.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, me too I wish I could lock him a room at night. When he wants out he jumps on my window shades knocks over my head vases and is persistant! When he wants in during the day he will go to a window and claw the window screen.
I can't put him in the garage it's too cold.I wish I could think of a way I could change his behavior so he stops being destructive when he wants out at night.He is a fixed boy cat so that's not the issue.During the day I am home and when I leave he stays indoors with Maulie.

Courtney said...

Poor Morris...he just wants to be a tough guy. ;-)
Your sewing room is coming along really nicely!! I used to love antique dolls when I was a girl! I have a couple left over from then! Can't wait to see your rug!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Courtney, Morris is full of personality but he also is a roamer and he is fixed!
Aren't dolls fun.Your lucky to have dolls from your childhhod. My rug I am currently working on is definitely folk art but I like it.

Joanne said...

Wow those winds did some damage the other year! We had bad winds this weekend but nothing more than toppling trash cans and recyclables! That Morris - poor guy - Mine stay in but the neighbor cat that always visits is always getting into fights - he even fights off cats that get in our backyard!

Verde Farm said...

So sorry about your storm. It’s so demoralizing to have nature wallop your house. Your sewing room looks great and I love your dolls. :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks, Living in an old house is always interesting.It's a small sewing room but It's getting there.I like it.For some reason I like to be in other rooms when I create. I always can bring my sewing machine into another room so I don't feel cooped up. Lol

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Joanne, Crest is on a big hill . There are mountains all around so we get alot of wind when there is a storm. Plus our house was originally a cabin and made in the 1930's so sometimes it feels like a real old house. Lol
Morris has no problem during the day. He has already caught a mouse and a gopher since we moved . Maybe this last fight taught him to stay inside at night.I can only hope!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Sometimes Nature can certainly show her powerful side... winds howling, rains pelting, snow blowing...She has the upper-hand.
Morris is just trying to let the other guys know that he's the new guy in town...
Your sewing room is really coming along. I love the quilt on the wall.
Susan x

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Susan, Morris has paunch around his belly he plays with a dog all day and went to the city so he is forgotten how tough country cats can be.Morris has improved and has got his appetite back.Thank Goodness. The quilt top is old I bought it from a friend that had a quilt shop.