Monday, February 14, 2011

My Cake is a Mess I can only Laugh!

My Valentine
 What a Mess!!O.K how can you mess up
a cake mix. Lol
Love shouldn’t be such a Mess

Well for some reason I thought that I should use two

Cake mixes and well it was too Much. I have a disaster of Love. What a goof! It is still cooking and hopefully it will be done by the time my hubby comes home. He knows I try.

I’ll post my cake when it’s done later this evening.Lol

                                                                 The sunflower Cake Pan

Well this cake just didn’t like me. I tried to take it out and I had used Pam and it still stuck. So instead of a glaze I applied some frosting and a little bit of Oranges. Oh well. Like I said Love is Messy. I am going to wait til it hardens a little more and then I am going to frost some more.

I feel like applying Spackle. Lol


Courtney said...

You are too cute...Only a loving person could add too much cake batter! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Kim said...

I know I shouldn't say this but since I have had a thousand baking disasters.....I kind of feel good seeing your cake. I am not alone! hahaha
I'm kidding of course. I love that cake pan.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I am no Betty Crocker!Or Martha Stewart but I do like to Rug Hook and I have a good sense of humor.Lol

Larkrise garden girl said...

I just had to laugh.My husband came home with some flowers and his comment was It doesn't matter what it looks like it's what it tastes like.Just like a Man. Well now I have to make dinner. Valentines day is exhausting.

Julia said...

It's the thought that counts, and there's always next year.
After some disasters of my own I've learned to use some shortening to grease the pan and dust some flour on it and shake off the excess and so far it has worked./ Pam alone doesn't seem to work even in those non stick cake pans for cakes.

Happyy Valentine Day. JB

After som disasters in non stick pans, I now usee

Julia said...

I think that your cake is cool, Happy Valentine Day. JB

acorn hollow said...

Oh we have all had those messes and do I ever hate cleaning the oven. I hope your valentines was a good one.

Kim said...

I just popped back in and noticed a picture of the finished cake on the bottom. That photo didn't load last time I was here. THe cake looks yummy!! Your husband is right, its how it tastes that matters!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Ladies it was a fun one.While I made dinner My husband stacked a bunch of firewood for me so I can have a nice fire . It's suppose to rain for a couple days so I will get some hooking done.When it rains here it's like snow storms for you ladies. I like your advice Julia I should have stuck to shortening and flour . There are so many crevices in that pan. It did taste good! it was a nice evening and I got flowers too.

Dog Trot Farm said...

I have a feeling your cake was absolutely delicious and I bet there is not a crumb left!!!!

Larkrise garden girl said...

My husband loved my cake and even though it wasn't perfect it was appreciated. I love how you are so good to Winslow Homer and I know how you feel about him. Animals are family members
and they bring such sweet joy to our lives.