Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jax the Wonder Dog Staycation in San Diego California

Hi Fellow Bloggers my cousin went on a mini vacation and I asked her to do a story about
taking a dog on a mini vacation.So this is my cousin Marlene's story of Jax the Wonder dog

                                             Jax the Wonder Dog

Jax the Wonder Dog Enjoys a Staycation in San Diego

The beauty about San Diego is that residents and even dogs can vacation in their

own backyard and have the luxury to experience anything from beaches, to

mountains and the desert. Jax the Wonder Dog was lucky enough to experience

both the beauty of the beach and also a snow filled weekend all within seven

days of each other.

Jax spent a fun weekend at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort which is a five star,

pet friendly hotel. Coronado is a small beach community which stands out as one

of the top beaches in America. All set to relax in the quiet town, imagine his

surprise when it was the weekend of the ”Parade of Flight” to celebrate the

Centennial of Naval Aviation. Over 70,000 visitors arrived at the North Island

Naval Air Station for the celebration! What a spectacular event!

                                       Jax the Wonder Dog in Coronado

                                        Jax ready to go on a bike ride                           

 Since dogs weren’t allowed on base,

Jax was forced to travel south and instead enjoyed

Imperial Beach. They too have a dog beach which was pretty and peaceful because

70,000 people were elsewhere. The next day Jax took on Coronado once all the crowds had left the city.

Upon arrival at his hotel room, Jax was greeted with a water bowl and a huge

bowl of dog biscuits. They even have room service for dogs with Bow Wow

Tenderloin of Beef and Chow Hound Chicken. O.K., so he just settled for the

biscuits. Room service wasn’t in his budget! Jax gives it two thumbs up for

superior service and recommends the hotel to all his dog buddies.

The next weekend, Jax adventured out in his RV and headed 65 miles east to Lake

Morena’s San Diego County Park which offers fishing, hiking, picnicking and

camping. Just as he arrived, so did several San Diego storms. That just makes

the adventure more exciting, especially when he woke up to snow! No room

service here, but he had tons of fun and is ready to start planning his next trip!

                   Lake Morena California                                              


Courtney said...

Too funny! Jax needs his own TV show! He has the looks, the charisma, and the cool shades!

acorn hollow said...

sounds like a great staycation!

Kim said...

Jax looks so cool. Love the doggie shades!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Courtney and Cathy, I had to laugh when Marlene emailed me the story and the pictures. Jax likes his sunglasses! When Marlene was in the snow at Lake Morena that is when it was raining cats and dog at my house. That's why San Diego county is such a tourist destination.
We have the San Diego Zoo, Sea World plus lots of beaches and friendly people.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, I know isn't that the funniest thing! Marlene said when they were walking him in Coronado people would look at him and smile.