Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Hookers Rip heard around the World!

                             Have you ever been frustrated with a Rug? Like Maulie I am puzzled
                              about my current rug.


O.k. I know now why hookers charge what they do for a pattern! It’s not easy. I have always wanted to make up a

Rug hooking pattern of my own. A rug hooking that shows my varied interests. That is what old time rug hookers did why can't I ?   So I have been working on a simple rug and well last night while watching T.V I just saw I was getting nowhere the color, the design I just knew goodbye hooking!

It Was a night of the Rip!

I just didn’t like so much of it. I took out the lettering it was too dark. I needed something on the side of the rug. I had hooked a little chicken but it looked like I am not sure what.Lol So today I am going to try to pick it up and see if I can put something else in my rug that I will like better. I am not an artist so I relay on using old appliqué patterns I have in my quilt room and adapting them. Wish me luck.

                                                           Morris on the Mend

P.S Morris is still sleeping a lot but he has been getting up for chow. His paw must have gotten bitten. It swelled up and now it’s normal size .Morris is definitely on the mend. Morris is walking on it and definitely feeling better. Mr. I can’t stay in my yard has moved away from the front room and now he is in the bedroom away from Maulie and snoozing.

                                                          Morris grooming himself.

                                               On a more positive note . I enjoyed this book!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Knock me over with a feather I won something!

Look What I won  in February!

The only things I have ever won  was quilt related.I won a quilt pattern on a bus trip to a quilt show and a shopping bag that's about it.So you could have knocked me over with
a feather last week.I was so shocked when I won the February give a way. I kept looking at the name
Back to Larkrise on the computer screen over and over and I almost spilled my coffee as I read
her blog saying I was the winner!
I have to say I would be a perfect person on a gameshow to win something because I am such a kid
at heart and get  so happily excited!

I love Cheri Payne  quilt patterns  they have cute
designs and I have several in the works right
now. Cheri uses wool and fabric and wool applique.If you have seen my blog from the beginning
there are some of her quilts I have been working on.

The background is so pretty!
I love her patterns and was happy to find her blog.

I  was so excited our mailbox is down the road so everyday I would run up to see if it came and there it was. I will treasure this little Quilt with all my heart! Thank You Cheri from this Cheri in Crest     This is her blog check it out and maybe you'll become a fan like me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jax the Wonder Dog Staycation in San Diego California

Hi Fellow Bloggers my cousin went on a mini vacation and I asked her to do a story about
taking a dog on a mini vacation.So this is my cousin Marlene's story of Jax the Wonder dog

                                             Jax the Wonder Dog

Jax the Wonder Dog Enjoys a Staycation in San Diego

The beauty about San Diego is that residents and even dogs can vacation in their

own backyard and have the luxury to experience anything from beaches, to

mountains and the desert. Jax the Wonder Dog was lucky enough to experience

both the beauty of the beach and also a snow filled weekend all within seven

days of each other.

Jax spent a fun weekend at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort which is a five star,

pet friendly hotel. Coronado is a small beach community which stands out as one

of the top beaches in America. All set to relax in the quiet town, imagine his

surprise when it was the weekend of the ”Parade of Flight” to celebrate the

Centennial of Naval Aviation. Over 70,000 visitors arrived at the North Island

Naval Air Station for the celebration! What a spectacular event!

                                       Jax the Wonder Dog in Coronado

                                        Jax ready to go on a bike ride                           

 Since dogs weren’t allowed on base,

Jax was forced to travel south and instead enjoyed

Imperial Beach. They too have a dog beach which was pretty and peaceful because

70,000 people were elsewhere. The next day Jax took on Coronado once all the crowds had left the city.

Upon arrival at his hotel room, Jax was greeted with a water bowl and a huge

bowl of dog biscuits. They even have room service for dogs with Bow Wow

Tenderloin of Beef and Chow Hound Chicken. O.K., so he just settled for the

biscuits. Room service wasn’t in his budget! Jax gives it two thumbs up for

superior service and recommends the hotel to all his dog buddies.

The next weekend, Jax adventured out in his RV and headed 65 miles east to Lake

Morena’s San Diego County Park which offers fishing, hiking, picnicking and

camping. Just as he arrived, so did several San Diego storms. That just makes

the adventure more exciting, especially when he woke up to snow! No room

service here, but he had tons of fun and is ready to start planning his next trip!

                   Lake Morena California                                              

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things that go bump in the night

Weekend of Rain

This weekend we had a couple of storms one after another.

I had forgotten how windy it could get up here and in previous years some big trees around our home toppled.  Well I was a little scared.Every time I heard a strong gust I just cringed. Of course my hubby sleeps no matter what calamity is happening. Lol The wind was intense and we even had hail.This tree fell down  two Januarys ago .There is nothing so frightening then listenening to a crack and then not knowing where the tree is falling. The only damage we had last night is  part of a fence fall down.Oh well. Lol

                                                That use to be my old chicken
                 coop where I kept the chickens that were bullys. My equivilent to Chicken
                               time out.

 My wood burning stove was going all night and in the middle of this howling storm Morris wanted out!

So My husband let him out and within minutes I could hear a cat fight. So once again my husband is yelling for Morris in the middle of the night. Morris came in as usual he lost. So the last day Morris has been laying next to the wood burning stove roughed up. I see no wounds so that’s good but he is definitely not a happy camper.I guess Morris is having some boundary issues. He was next door when he got in a cat fight. I hope he isn't a slow learner. Morris is doing fine just snoozing today and keeping warm.

Here is how my little sewing room is progressing

                                                 I will always love dolls.

                                          I have been hooking but I haven't got enough done to show

                                         you the design. Cheri

Pick me up!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today as I sipped on my coffee as I sat in my husbands big comfy recliner I could see someone wasn’t having a good

Day. There was a blue jay sitting on top of a birdhouse claiming his new home on a rainy day and for some reason

A Hummingbird was diving at the blue jay. To see the little hummingbird diving away at a much larger birds reminded me of David and Goliath. The only thing I could think was that the hummingbird had a nest near by.

I thought of all the little moments of Life that remind me how every creature struggles to be warm have a place to live and protect what they Love from the littlest creature in my yard as I look out my Window.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Cake is a Mess I can only Laugh!

My Valentine
 What a Mess!!O.K how can you mess up
a cake mix. Lol
Love shouldn’t be such a Mess

Well for some reason I thought that I should use two

Cake mixes and well it was too Much. I have a disaster of Love. What a goof! It is still cooking and hopefully it will be done by the time my hubby comes home. He knows I try.

I’ll post my cake when it’s done later this evening.Lol

                                                                 The sunflower Cake Pan

Well this cake just didn’t like me. I tried to take it out and I had used Pam and it still stuck. So instead of a glaze I applied some frosting and a little bit of Oranges. Oh well. Like I said Love is Messy. I am going to wait til it hardens a little more and then I am going to frost some more.

I feel like applying Spackle. Lol


Happy Valentine's Day!

Woke up this morning to a New Day and thinking of all

The people I have loved.  I am going to attempt to bake a Sunflower cake for my hubby. I have a mold

That is really wonderful that I have never used so hopefully it will work. I’ll take pictures at whatever my outcome is. Lol …..

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday and a trip to Simpson's


                                          It's Friday and I am playing Hooky!

                                              Playing Hooky with a friend,

 Boy I needed to get out of the house! I have been  working away unloading box after box. Sorting all my books which I love! Sorting everything as I decide where I am putting all my stuff in my house. I never throw anything away and I am at the point that I am having a AHHHH HAAAA moment!   If I haven't read the book  that I have been saving in the last couple years  Pass it on! That was a big decision. Lol
   I needed a little Friday break today from my usual house routine this last month. So I picked up my girlfriend and we were off to Simpson’s Nursery in Jamul. I love Simpson's when you leave their nursery they cheerfully hand you a nice cold apple to munch on! Talk about service with a smile!
I bought one little plant at Simpson's it was perfect plus it put a smile on my face too!I was going to purchase some basil but I think it hadn’t warmed up enough so the basil looked a little droopy.  I chose wisely and bought a little flower that will spread.
                                                                  Osteospermum hyprid  


Linda’s garden is filled with interesting plants. Here are some close ups of her California Native plants!
That are blooming in February.

 Morris on Friday

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Extraordinary Women

I have been blessed with knowing Extraordinary Women in my Life time.Women who dive into Life!

I don’t think it’s luck I think it’s my blessing to know Women that use their lives with grace. Many of us who are younger then our friends can sometimes learn so much on facing Life’s challenges by our friends examples. Extraordinary Women are Women that have their own personal lives they lead and then with any extra time give it to their church their community and their friends.

My friend Janet is such a person. Janet gives to her church by organizing a prayer quilt ministry. When my daughter was first diagnosed with MS Janet had a quilt made by her church and all the knots were prayers for my daughter. It was such a gift when we were all reeling from the shock of her illness. You can’t imagine how a simple quilt can bring comfort.

Janet volunteered to drive people around to doctor appointments in her community. How many of us  when we have some free time drive strangers around out of kindness. Janet also is a volunteer as a Tip volunteer going to traumatic events to help people at a crime scene or crisis event. Police need help as they do their job with the family members who are traumatized and Tip volunteers are such people being on call once a month and on the crisis scene being a kind shoulder for total strangers. .Janet is not a spring chicken but instead of sitting at home in a nice sofa by the fireplace Janet goes out in the middle of the night to not so pleasant situations. Recently Janet has had one operation after another and now she has  Breast Cancer. Janet is one of the strongest faith driven women I know and she will handle this latest challenge with biblical grit. I am sure I am not the only person in this world to know an extraordinary  Woman .Prayers for a good lady you don’t know but you would love as a fellow rug hooker and Extraordinary Woman.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Old Hooked Rugs When are they worth saving?

When is an old Hooked Rug worth repairing?

I have a dilemma I have old hooked rug my mother in law in her 90’s gave me. I  know one of her relatives made it. The problem is the rugs red color ran on to the background of the rug. Do I need to rehook the parts that ran? Am I ruining an old rug by having to do so much repair?  

There are several patches that need new hooking so there is much more work on the rug. My  question to my fellow hookers is What would you do?  Does every ones old hooked rugs get saved?

I do like it a lot .

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Tuesday Touch of Green in California

                              Tuesday Morning and a Sunny Day  

Tuesday morning and a touch of Green.

I keep hearing about the snow back East and you poor blogging friends are getting hit hard. So This Tuesday I decided to send pictures of green. It rained yesterday but today it is Sunny in San Diego County and so I went outside and took photos of wet grass and plants that think it’s Spring. As I unload my boxes in the house I also have to redo my garden. I need to weed wack the grass but the grass is still wet so here goes with Green!

                                  Daisys and a Cecile Bruner Rose that should  have been cut back.

                                      All the plants are blooming even the lavender!

                                                 New Buds

                                             This is my front yard view of the park with wet grass

This park was at one time full of huge 100 foot trees.  I could never see the homes across from me but alas the fire came.We had the Cedar fire burn up parts of San Diego county and Crest and so what was left had to be cut down. Over 200 homes were burned in my community but most of the homes were rebuilt. It’s been over  seven years since this happened so Crest has lots of big homes now. Mine is from the 1930’s and one of the original cabins from when Crest was a place where people went to get away on the Hill.