Thursday, January 27, 2011

When all else fails go Hooking!

The Power of the Word.

Have you ever looked back at a situation and wish you had used your words better.
I had such a day. I let my usually sunny Cheri unleash the Kraken!

I am the type of person who usually will be easy going but if I see injustice or loved ones hurt I become a Mama bear. That was my day yesterday a  situation  where someone truly disappointed me . If you ever have had a life changing situation a loved ones  chronic illness you understand the constant stress. 
 If your lucky and life is going smoothly count your Blessings! 
 People at times can be so insensitive and  basically be hurtful. Oh well!
 So today I am off to go rug hooking with a couple of my friends. Bask in  my kind hooker friends projects,catch up with each other,laugh and  look out at a pretty lake  as I hook to my hearts content.
 Another Day and another chance to regroup my inner piece and to be a better person in my life’s journey.

Sometimes it’s nice being in a large group but sometimes you just need a friendly couple of friends to be on your side when your a little blue.

I love my hooking friends and I was happy to get away for just a couple hours to regroup.So to all my blogger friends that had a bad day this week or are shoveling all the snow this week Group Hug! Cheri


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Four thirty in the morning yawn..........

New Wool Swatches make my Rug Hooker heart Sing!

 Last night Morris the cat that refuses to stay in at night woke us up out of a dead sleep with a cat scream that would rival any horror flick. It was four thirty in the morning and my poor husband is at the front door calling Morris. We went back to bed another Cat howl. That was it my husband got dressed flashlight in hand and starts calling for his Orange pussy cat as he walked all over the yard in the dark of the night. Finally Morris comes in with his tail  which was puffed up like a puffer fish. I have no idea what was in the yard but that cat scream was insane.

So happily I noticed the mail this morning and there are my swatches of wool from Heavens to Betsy! I love the wool colors. So as I work away today at home I have to decide which colors I should pick.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Morning and finally my Chicken coop picture on Sunday

Chicken Coop with No Girls         I put in new batteries and here is my update.
                                                      This is the door I painted on friday but now I
                                                      want it painted Yellow. This will do during
                                                      the winter but I want it the same color of the house.
                                                      The pickets for the front of the Coop are my moms
                                                      40 year old fence. Windows are my neighbors old
                                                       windows he gave me.

My plan for today is to clean up my chicken Coop and do some gardening in the front yard . Put some of my Signs on my chicken Coop up, plant my pomegranate bushes, Repaint the front Door of the Coop. This sounds like a  good Friday! Lets see if I accomplish it.

I'll post pictures later this afternoon at what I accomplished , Cheri

                                                 Pomegranate bush  under the goose.
                                             These were taken this afternoon, I cut and whacked all
                                           sorts of plants .

                                               I planted six of these Pomegranate bushes

                                     Maulie running to me! The Coop Door was painted but my camera
                                    battery is dead so hopefully my husband can find some batteries. I have
                                    no clue where their at.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rug Hooking Drum Roll

Settling in at my Larkrise,

                                              Morris being a Rude Cat neighbor

Today as I woke up after a sleepless night of pondering where was I going to put all my wonderful books and how am I going to a arrange a small Quilt room.

I paused and realized that sometimes it’s the process of working on something which is perhaps more fulfilling then the ending. My mind has been swirling with thoughts of where everything is going in each room, to where am I going to put some rose bushes. The final thought is hoping Morris quits sitting on the roof at night. There is nothing wrong with sitting on a roof but sitting on my neighbors roof and they have Big Big Barky Dogs is not such a good idea plus these are new neighbors that we have never met.
                                      Drum Roll Please!!!
                                  I am close to the end........
                                                                                    outside temp is 84 degrees today! Hot!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's your Favorite Rug Hook and where did you get it?

                                             My Many Rug Hooks

Over the years I have bought and been given different Rug Hooks to find that special fit when I am a hooking a new rug. I have even changed my hooks mid project because it just didn’t feel right. I bought a Hook in Virginia at a wonderful event called the Waterford Home Tour and Craft Exhibit

 It was my favorite vacation in Virginia many years ago. The event showcased weavers, basket makers civil war soldiers, spinners you name any Early American craft and they had it.  During my day at Waterford I bought a small skinny hook that I had to add a pencil thing to make it more comfortable.
 Coming from the West coast to see this small town plus all the great crafts was a dream come true!     I like my chunkier hook too ,also I bought that one and the larger small Hook at the Country Loft. My friend Janet gave me the other small Hook that I love. So am I the only Rug Hooker that uses different hooks on the same Rug?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Day in Crest

 I am looking at my things to do list, After taking this picture I need to hose off the shutters!

                                      Home Sweet Home

O.K so I am corny but I had such a good evening after another night of Jane Austen DVD watching .Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen movie of all time .My crazy animals were around me.  I  was busy working on my large rug hooking . I am slowly progressing towards the end. The end of the hooking part that is.

                                       I have a lot of work to do, The ground is hard. My daylilies
                                      need to be planted.I need to find my clippers and start working!

This Morning as I type this blog I think of what my world looked like from my front Window.I can see a park and a group of workers working in the park. I enjoy a green venue of grass and a little group of kids walking to school. There is a man in the park with two big Dobermans running through the wet grass.Their all gone now since I had my camera packed away but it was fun sitting here and enjoying the outside world first thing this Morning.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Moving Weekend

Moving Weekend

Can you see I’m a little frazzled!

This is the last post until I get hooked up to the internet  on Monday. My dolls had a great look of confusion which is Me trying to get everything done. Maulie and Morris are going to be transported back to their own home this weekend. I know Maulie is going to miss barking at the postman. In Crest  our mail is delivered up the street since were on a dirt road.Poor Maulie!I hope she doesn't start barking at horses that will won't be good.   Today I went up to Crest after having coffee with Linda.  Linda is such a  good friend and fellow gardener and I count my blessings for our friendship.Linda brought me a bunch of little dwarf pomegranate bushes. Their so cute because they don’t grow big and the pomegranates are small. The size of a small golf ball cut in half.

I dug up some of my daylilies and so I am eager to plant them in Crest. So goodbye until next week, Cheri Maulie and Morris

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Gardening Books

                    I have a million things to do

today but I found this old book and it stopped me in my tracks. I just wonder how many of us out there Love Books. Especially Old Books. To Me the reader Books that have the smell of years gone by are the best. I enjoy little Bits of dust that you have to wipe off the front cover of a old used book at a book sale. I love Books and I love reading  and I passed it to my daughter.I enjoy going thousands of miles away in a turn of a page or centuries away with a good novel. I love Books that you see at garage sales that are sitting in a box as you bend over to find a prize.

Years ago I use to visit a place on Vacation called Hearts Ease in Cambria and I noticed their old gardening books that were for sale. They were interesting sitting on the shelves with their information just as important as a new gardening book today. Part of my nature is my collecting joy, Over the years I would  collect old gardening books. The book I found again today is called Wild Flowers Every Child Should Know by Frederic William Stack.

This book is so interesting to look at with it black and white photo’s to its date of 1909.I wonder how many parents and grandparents buy books with gardening and plant themes. I wonder how many of us know the names when we go into the mountains on walks. I Think those of us that love plants should pass on something of our joy. I think it’s special when you know the names of the plants that you see along your daily path. Because to me Wildflowers are like sprinkles on cupcakes and just as delicious!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wildlife in front of me Oh my!

Ok I just had a crazy experience. I just had a full grown  Coyote run by me not 20 feet! from me. In the middle of the city on a paved street this Coyote ran right in front of me. It was about three in the afternoon and thank goodness Maulie or Morris weren’t by me. I lived in Crest for over 20 years and that’s a community near wildlife. This totally surprised me.  This is better then when a Moose chased me in Wyoming. (I am serious I got chased by a bull moose in the big Horn mountains) Cheri