Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A week of Rain near Christmas


                            It's been Raining Cats and Dogs so with that said

   Maulie needed a trip to the groomer...                      
Well the last minute Christmas shopping is almost done and I took Maulie to get her dog wash and hair cut. It’s pouring rain and I am driving through a bunch of  huge puddles and pot holes but by golly Maulie is going to look good for Christmas! I dropped her off at the groomer and dashed to Crest with some more house stuff. On the way up the hill I was stuck in line with other motorists because of Rocks that fell off the side of the hill. The big old tractor was removing the  Rocks with the poor Highway patrolman directing traffic in his rain gear. Water streamed from the hillside onto the road so I was careful driving down the hill after my drop off of more wools. You really never realize how much wool you have until you move! Living on a dirt road is always fun in the rain. You slip and slide as you try to get in the driveway. One of these days I am going to slide into the white fence! Southern California does not get a lot of rain so when we get rain you would think we were in a blizzard or something. I heard a couple of roosters in my neighborhood in Crest cockle doodle dooing I guess they don’t like the rain.
                          I guess I can't work as a pet Photographer! Lol

          I just wanted to share how Cute  Maulie looked at Christmas but someone was not in the mood. I wonder if Super models act this way at their shoots.  
 More Coyotes in the neighborhood in La Mesa their actually being very bold.So Morris is in the house until were back in Crest.I have three neighbors daily telling me of seeing them at all times of the day in peoples front yards and in the street.I don't want Morris to be the Christmas dinner for those coyotes! 
                                     The models have left the room.


acorn hollow said...

Well they all look cute. I hope that it stops rainig for you soon. We have coyotes around here also there is a farm just down the road that they stalk. I know the farmers gets rid of as many as he can that is why my sadie is rarely out. Only with out us and the fact it is cold and she is 16 has something to do with it also.
Merry Christmas

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cathy,Since Morris was a stray that adopted us it's especially hard to make him stay in the house. Morris and Maulie have a funny relationship. Morris will actually groom Maulie.I live in San Diego County and the rain has caused problems in Mission Valley and Qualcom Stadium lots of flooding. Usually in Crest we have trees that fall. Merry Christmas Cheri

Karen Whittal said...

Excuse my ignorance but I presume a coyote is some kind of wild dog?? Must be quite a problem having them walking around your yard. Your pets looks cute, and has inspired me to give my two a bath for Christmas.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Yes, It's a wild dog! they'll eat cats and other animals.Several cats in the neighborhood are missing. Their usually in the country but now a days they are living in cities. Thanks for commenting it's fun to hear from other people. Have a Happy Christmas! Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Karen, Now I know how you feel. Do you have Dingo's where you live? Cheri