Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trains Planes and Automobiles

Today is a resting day from moving. I reheated some spaghetti for lunch and looked about for what next to move next week. Since this is Christmas we usually have a train set around the tree but their packed up so I looked at my husbands train room which he has dismantled and saw an old Erector Set Train. I am not sure how many people remember playing with erector sets but you could make anything from them. So from 1928-1937 the A.C . Gilbert company made them. So some Dad or kid put this train together. You could also put an engine in them to make them run. I wish this train could tell it’s story

This big old train has some rust spots but it is a testament to how good toys last. Toys made years ago lasted for ever especially boys toys but now it seems things are cheaply made and I wonder if someone else will be able to enjoy them years later.

                                                         Light Show at Disneyworld

Planes remind me of my daughter who is in Florida at Disney world. She called me yesterday to tell me how crowded it was. Crowded I have her two grand dogs here. Lol and Maulie and Morris and boxes everywhere but my front room which is my designated Christmas sanctuary.
I am going to two Christmas parties on Tuesday. One is my Country Loft rug hooking day group party. The other is my night Donna Rug hooking group party. It should be fun!


                                                       Pictures from Disneyworld

                                                          My Raggedy Andy

                                                        My Kitchen Hoosier mini Christmas scene

Automobiles …..

Is what I hope to do this week. There is a really neat Christmas home lighted show in East county on Jingle bell hill. You trail up a hill and every house is lighted up for Christmas. Your literally in line with cars inching up this hill block after block. I love it people are in their front yards watching all the cars and folks have bonfires going it’s so much fun. We take Maulie and she hangs out the window staring at everyone.

                                                         I like putting old books out as decorations.                                                        


acorn hollow said...

It is tough to movie at christmas. Love the hoosier. I am off to a cookie swap next week so I have to come up with a cookie to make.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Sounds like fun.I could have waited til the beginning of January to move but once we decided we were going back to Crest. I wanted to be all moved in by mid January.I stll have Christmas it's just in the front room. Lol.

Julia said...

I love that old train. They sure don't make toys like they used to do years ago. Packing to move sure is a lot of work. Hope that your move goes smoothly when the time comes. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

The move is going smooth.I like being busy. When my husband gets his trains set up in our home I'll take pictures of his collection of American Flyer trains.Right now their all packed up. Thanks for all the comments. Sometimes I feel like I will never get another follower. Lol. Cheri