Friday, December 10, 2010

Time to pack up my dolls and go home.

The love of dolls

It’s amazing how your tastes change in different times of life.  As I pack up my sewing room and pack things as I move I realize that I really have changed a lot. I love faceless dolls ,black dolls and China dolls much more now. But .......

Raggedy Ann’s were one doll that was a must have . Hard Plastic 1950’s dolls were another.I have about 100 of those dolls .I use to love to collect them . I had so much fun  going to doll shows all the time. So I am packing them up and storing them away to make room for my new love wool. So one last look as I take everything down from my sewing room.

                                                       I loved those big eyed dolls.


                                               I still like small sewing machines.
                                          and birdhouses and cows...

oh and rug hookings.          


acorn hollow said...

It is funny how our tast change. and when you unpack them a while from now you will fall in love with them all over again. I love your birdhouse cute and your rug is adorable.

Julia said...

Cathy, you have so many treasures and it's nice to fall in love with them every time you look at them. A lots of good memories are packed away to be transported to a new home. I hope that you will be happy where you move and that you find a place to display all your treasures. JB

Kim said...

The Raggedy Ann dolls bring back memories. I had one as a child and it literally fell apart from years of being drug around. Thanks for the fun flashback.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments.I think I liked dolls so much since I grew up with four brothers and so i didn't have a lot of dolls.I played mostly with boys. I made up for it! Today was a fun day back in our old house in Crest.I picked at some weeds,hung up some pictures and sat on my deck and listened to the birds.I could hear a rooster and hear a woodpecker,I was in heaven. Cheri