Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Pecking Hen with a green Egg

             Who says a Egg has to be White in a Hooked Rug? 

For some time I have been obsessed with Chickens.Anybody who knows me has heard my countless chicken  stories. If you think I am crazy about Maulie you should hear my Chicken adventures. Raising Chickens is a funny experience.When I raised my chickens I was a truly city girl. No way could I eat them! My girls were pets. I loved calling them from my back yard in Crest and seeing the girls Fat rumps  swaying running to get their feed. My Rhode Island Reds were the big gals and they ran the other girls. Bossy! is a mild word.
When people say there is a pecking order it's true. I believed that I was going to have No mean girls so if you were a mean chicken you went to the coop in the back yard and not the nice one in my front yard.
During the day they would free range and then I would call them in mid day to their coop. There is nothing more Wonderful then hearing a chicken laying their eggs and walking out to their coop and getting a beautiful egg still warm in your hand.
I know it started as a child my grandfather or Tata as we called him had a bunch of chickens in his backyard. I remember as a child peering in at their funny faces. I remember my sweet Tata feeding them and me just Thinking how interesting they were. As I recall he went through one barn building crouching as he went in their pen to get their eggs.I looked in through the chicken wire and thought Wow their probably going to bite him! Boy he's brave! My  grandfather was in San Diego in the city so I guess city chicken raising has been around for a while. In Crest I had chickens at different times in my life there.First thing this Spring I am getting some new girls. I can hardly wait.
 So I guess there is nothing  more natural to me  then to hook these funny little creatures!
I like to add things to patterns.
 I added the eggs in each corner.
I saw that design in an
old Rug hooking book.