Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve is almost here.....

     Oh Christmas
     Tree Oh Christmas
      Tree how Lovely are your  Branches......
          This evening I am done! All the packages are wrapped. I sigh and slouch in my husbands big easy chair with Morris in my lap and Maulie snuggled next to Morris for my undivided attention! To be loved by an animal is quite touching. As I sit thinking this out I think that there is nothing under the Christmas tree that I must have. 
The gifts of  close friendship is one thing I can't put
under the Christmas Tree.The gifts of having an interest in hobbies 
such as my Rug hooking and Quilting. The love of books and gardening.The love of a good man,  
Being fortunate to have a family and a roof over my head. So tomorrow when I am at my daughter's home
 I will look to the sky and thank the Good Lord for his Wonderful Gift.

                  Like these ladies.....

 Our glimpses into each others lives no matter where we live is so similar with family ,friends, pets and mutual interests. Blogging has been so  much unexpected fun. So many talented women sharing their hobbies and lives. So Have a great Christmas Eve tomorrow and don't drink
too much egg nog!Cheri


acorn hollow said...

I couldn't have said it better.
Merry Christmas

Karen Whittal said...

I agree my blogging family has become my angels sent went things were rough to help me carry on, it is an awesome family, be blessed this Christmas

Kim said...

Merry Christmas Cheri. Blogging has brought so many wonderful people into my life - like you! And I agree, there is nothing better than the love of a pet to add to the fun.

Julia said...

I agree with what has been said here in the comments. You have everything in perspective. Merry Christmas Cheri. I'm glad to be counted amongst your blogger friends. A grateful heart is a happy heart. All the Best in 2011. Julia