Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blue Canisters and Christmas Memories

                                                      My Christmas Memory

I am sure all of us have remembered how special certain Christmas’s are in our life. In every person's life this wonderful time of year reminds us of old Christmas memories . We were living in a small town in Sheridan Wyoming having moved from California months before. I was soon to be a mother for the first time and all alone with my husband in a small western town. Whenever we went into town we would pass by a really nice specialty store with a display of  pretty blue and white canisters. I loved them and I remember looking at them every time we went into town and admiring them. I  recall being all bundled up staring at the new blue canisters in the store window. It was one of the coldest
winters in  decades ,well below 0. Since I was not use to the cold I felt so far away from home.
 By Christmas Day We had a new baby!.
 It was Christmas Day  and I had this new baby with no family by ourselves up in Wyoming.Homesick and new to such strong cold winters I felt so so homesick! As I opened up my presents I had a  happy surprise. I couldn’t believe my husband had gone to the specialty  store and bought the new blue canisters for me. It was something we couldn’t afford but it was so special!

So here I sit at Christmas time having some earl grey tea. Sitting on an old wing back chair staring at my Old blue canisters.Years later their on my Victorian sideboard and thinking how special I felt with that new baby who is now grown and married , a husband that loved me . My Blue canisters have moved from home to home with a couple of age marks here and there but they remind me of a truly happy memory of Christmas past.


acorn hollow said...

What a wonderful story. it is awful being alone in a new place for the holidays. Glad you still have the canisters.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cathy,Thank you for the nice comment. Everybody has a
Christmas memory and hopefully
some one else will share a Christmas Story, Cheri

Julia said...

Hi Cheri, what a nice story to remember. So glad that you still have those special blue canisters. It's like me and my tree ornaments. The kids have been traveling abroad a lot and buying me Christmas ornaments from far and wide and everyone is a special keepsake for me.

They always buy something unique. I never used to write the date and who gave me what for Christmas because I was foolish and thought that I would always remember but now I write on the box, who gave it to me and the date. So when I'm gone the kids can claim their old treasures back. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Julia,What a wonderful way to have Christmas memories.You get to think of Christmas and remember your kids travels out in the big wide world.