Friday, November 5, 2010

Summers Past Farms and a beautiful November Day

           Summers Past Farms and a hot November Day!     

                                                      Art is everywhere in a garden!

Well I woke up on Friday and realized I had not posted anything this week. It’s been so much fun talking about places and things I am doing that I was sad that I had nothing to show for the week. So I called up my girlfriend Linda and said “Do you want to meet at Summers Past Farms for some iced tea? Meet you at 12! I made sure Maulie had water and left Morris my big Orange cat as a babysitter with Maulie and off I went.

Summers Past Farms is a great place to visit and have iced tea and coffee and shop.
 I love it !!!

Marshall and Sheryl Lozier and their family have built a great place to relax, pick up some
garden plants at any time of the year. Sometimes you need a quick relaxing place to go,
on a hot day in Flynn Springs this was for me. They have numerous classes at Summers Past Farms
from making a Fairy Garden to making a bar of Soap.They  were even in Country living
magazine one year! It’s a family run Nursery,Country shop, Soap shop. I had bought someTithonia seeds last year and I had great big bush of Orange Flowers. I felt like Martha Stewart.Well maybe not quite like Martha but growing seeds is harder then it looks.
I usually over kill them with kindness or forget I planted them.
I bought some Tithonia seeds and Linda and I browsed around the gardens.
There were a group of little toddlers out in their grass field. Marshall explained to me
a group of parents met on line and all arrived for a play date at summers Past Farm.
It was so cute seeing the little kids playing and the parents having a good time.
It was  relaxing little break in the day .There is host of fun events to participate in
The different seasons of the year. When I looked up at their building I could see
they were starting to put their Christmas lights up.It's hard to believe were in
November when it is still like summer.


 This is a log from one of the fires we had
  San Diego County . I love that Marshall
a piece of a tree burned up
 in the fires in the Laguna Mountains.
 What a great entrance to the home.

                                              Here is a peek!

This is the nursery part of Summers Past Farms

 Water on a hot day in November.

 Climbing Roses


Well I hoped you enjoyed looking at a soothing garden and
if your ever in Flynn Springs check their Farm out.Here is a link

The end. 

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