Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainy Saturday


                      To Grandmothers house we go,
            I am having a nice cozy day with my family of pets and a hubby watching Nascar. I am working on 12 days of Christmas which I had better hurry up with since it's getting closer to the beginning of the Christmas Season. Morris was missing this morning. He was a stray we adopted and he refuses to stay inside. Even though he is fixed he is a Roamer. That's why  we nick name him Morry Roamer. It was raining and a million things went through my mind. He finally show'd up wet and not that hungry so I think he is definitely eating somewhere else. Here is what I finished last year To Grandmother's house we go. It is a Cheri Payne pattern.

                 My Rug Hooking in progress!

                Maulie is a tired girl that needs a bath before Thanksgiving
                Taking a snooze and a big yawn! I stuck this old blanket on the floor for her so she could enjoy the space heater.


Julia said...

Maulie is so cute even with her tongue sticking out. lol. It's always stressful when a pet goes missing. I'm glad that Morris was found so promptly. I like your To Grandma's house we gowall hanging. Jb

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, We have tried to keep Morris in at night and he will actually make a bunch a noise,jump on my furniture and make my cute things fall down.He is determined cat and he is a bit of a character. Cats that adopt you I have found are the best cats even though Morris is a rascal.I know this sounds weird but my neighbor liked Morris and the day before he had a massive heart attack he died instantly (he was in his early 60's in good condition we all thought) He complained to me that Morris wanted nothing to do with him and Morris tried to scratch him when he tried to get near Morris.I told my neighbor I don't know why Morris did that and the next day my neighbor died.Strange!. Morris had always liked him and never acted mean before.

Julia said...

That is weird, unless Morris was in pain for some thing or other. I have a cat at the barn who has an injured foot and she hisses at her own kittens when they come near her. The kitten are 4 months old and they love to play and jump on each others. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

No Morris was fine but it was strange.I will always wonder if he sensed something. I just finished making stuffed peppers. Have a good evening, Cheri

Karen said...

I like your version of Cheri's "To Grandma's House We Go". I made one but have not quilted it. I was looking at some pictures on your blog and enjoying.