Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jax the Wonder Dog is deep in thoughts of Camping and his little Vest!

                                Jax and his friend Racoon

Camping vests
keep short haired dogs warm during cold
winter  Days.
  My Cousins dog Jax just loves to pose. Recently my husband and I were discussing Maulie my Shitzu's modeling abilities and Jack told me how he thought that Jax the Wonder dog looks better in outfits then Maulie because Maulie B is basically a head and a ball. Jax the Wonder dog has a long nose and a good neck where as poor Maulie is a plus size gal! O.K that hurt! Maulie can't help that Shitzu don't have much of a nose and hey not everyone has a long neck. Short necks are useful in some cases. Short necks come in handy when knitting a Dog scarf. Jax is a very smart dog  who  knows a ton of tricks because my cousin spends  quality time training him. I am amazed on how smart your dog can be if you take him  to dog obedience classes.
Maulie B best trick is laying on her back and getting belly rubs.


Kim said...

Well Jax does look pretty handsome in his vest. My Millie is a "poser" also.

acorn hollow said...

That is the cutest picture. he does love to pose.

Julia said...

It takes all kind to make a dog's world. There's beauty in everyone of them. Just put Maulie on a pedestal and she'll do just fine with her beautiful fur coat. Who need cloths when you're that cute anyway? JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

I can tell everyone of you is a dog lover.Thanks for the nice comments.It is funny how some dogs don't mind being dressed up.With Maulie I have to bribe her with treats and she is busy having snacks between photo's. Jax even will wear goggles.Millie is a poser too! Julia your right Maulie does have pretty fur. But for Jack Russels Jax is a fine looking dog.Cheri