Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The J Paul Getty Museum views of Los Angeles with a Happy Anniversary Gift of a Pen!

              So this last Sunday my husband and I celebrated our 35th   Wedding Anniversary. One of the things on our bucket list
  was to visit the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. We woke up early  and drove up to L.A. It took a couple hours to drive to Los Angeles but it was well worth it. We were lucky the traffic wasn't too bad. This is a wonderful Art Museum full of
great artists.Monet,Degas and Rembrandt were my favorite artists at the Getty. You take a tram to the top of a hill and have a great view of L.A. It was a breezy Santa Ana and we were lucky to get some good pictures looking out at L.A. I didn't take any pictures of their many paintings because no camera's that use a flash are allowed.  Look on their web site at some of the artist and the wonderful buildings that house their collection.

                                               The middle of L.A.
                              is in the left side of
                              the picture. This is a really
                              clear picture. L.A. is usually 
                              filled with more smog. Santa
                              Ana winds cleared up the sky.
                              I wish I had taken more pictures
                              but I was busy looking at paintings.         


 This is a picture of walking thru the door of the Getty .There were a few people looking about not knowing which way to go. A good idea a volunteer suggested is to watch The Getty’s orientation film. My husband and I listened to the orientation movie about the different buildings that house the paintings and other forms of Art which took about 10 minutes. Then we were off to look at the Masterpieces! The Tapestries, Stained glass , Sculptures were beautiful!. Most people were using their cell phones to take pictures.

My husband Jack’s hobby is woodworking which he does really well! I am so lucky to have a husband that works with his hands. I would rather have a hand made item them a store bought gift any day of the week. I was really touched with his gift

Of a lathed pen with a sunflower design. It took little pieces of wood to make this pen. I really do appreciate my gift. Maybe another woman would want a piece of  jewelry but for me give me a piece of wood Art!

                                                                                                                          Little Bee 

                   The End!                                                                                                                             




Julia said...

Great pictures of LA. I really like your wooden pen. I have one given to me by a friend who work for Tourism New Brunswick and it has the name of my province embedded in it. I love it and use it with great care. JB

scott davidson said...

A good place to muse on oil painting in Western art history online, I find, is at this site at There is a huge archive of digital images of artwork now housed in art museums around the world.
The company makes canvas prints and hand-painted, oil painting reproductions to order, from your selection of images from this big archives.
It's some resource for art lovers and historians. There are many images of works by famous artists of the past that I have never seen.
From their home page at, you can browse by the hundreds of artists there, movements in art, art media, historical timeline and even by subject matter. There is much biographical information about the artists.
I am always fascinated by the way the 19th century English landscape painter, William Turner, used layers of luminous oil paint to recreate his blazing landscapes. Clicking , I find his paintings indexed in a floating 3D gallery at the site.