Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

What are your favorite Memories of Thanksgiving?

I think mine are the happy times in the kitchen carving up

the turkey and picking at the marshmallows on top of the yams. The sound of my mothers voice telling us to leave the food alone. My father with his usual stories at the dinner table and his sage advise to us all. My dad was quite the character!My brother Steve always wanting no celery in the macaroni salad. I think it was just the normal banter of family that overall is the happy memory! The sounds throughout the house of noisy brothers.

Tomorrow I am off to my daughter and son in law home for a Happy Day of family.
My dog Maulie is traveling with us.Maulie is quite the car fly. It will be a nice day of turkey and stories with me continuing where my dad left off and Steve sadly also isn’t around for the macaroni salad but he is with us in spirit.

Thanksgiving and holidays change as we grow older but the memories are always there at these special times of the year to remind us how lucky we were to have our loved ones in our lives and to appreciate the family we still have.

Hopefully Maulie will behave with Megan’s dogs and not be a Diva !

As for Turkeys I once plucked a wild turkey and prepared it for Dinner with a girlfriend. What an experience . That was the best Turkey it tasted nutty. I even had the Turkey feathers in a enamel pot in the garage for years! So hug your family eat your turkey and be blessed with all that you have.


Julia said...

Wishing you all the best for Thanksgiving. I hope that you have a memorable day..JB