Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crazy Quilts are Crazy for Wool too!


                                           Creating your story in Quilts

                                               Crazy Quilts come in all shapes and sizes!

I have been taking a class called Wool Crazy with Jo Ann Mullaly who just finished her second book  called Crazy at Home. The Wool Crazy Quilt has been so much fun and I have really made it my own. Jo Ann has wonderful designs and yet here and there I added my own personal touch. I put an Elephant in the corner that reminded me of my brother . I added a little red truck that reminded me of my Dad driving to Julian. The purple pig reminds me of my neighbors kids 4 h project of raising a pig for the Del Mar fair. Crazy quilts have been done in cotton, silks, polyester, wool, numerous fibers. I liked the simple use of my left over wool from my rug hooking.   I have a long way to learning all my stitches but I am happy to plug along on this project. There are four parts to this quilt . I am not following the pattern exactly but basically moving things around and Jo Ann watches all of us add our personal touches to her pattern. That’s what my Crazy Quilt is  Crazy slices of my life.


I really need to learn more stitches but I have been so busy putting on my wool appliqué of animals and houses. The Quilt is far from done but I wanted you to see how it's progressing so when the day  arrives when it's finished you’ll be surprised how it turned out. My Purple Pig needs a tail.



       More close ups of my Crazy Quilt in progress

      Jo Ann Mullaly was  busy teaching her many doll,  Wool crazy classes at Country Loft . Once a month I attended one of her many classes. Jo Ann would give us a copy of  the newest part to our  Crazy Quilt. Eventually she told her classes she was making it into a book. So Wool Crazy was published and her second book just got published recently. If you look at the  Wool  Crazy book you will see how I really went on my own little path of Crazy Quilting.   That's what life is starting out with everybody and then taking your own twists and turns. This is a link to Jo Anns blog. You can see how different  my Crazy Quilt is to the original that is wonderful.

                              Linda and her Crazy Quilt
             Linda has done a great job with her stitches!
              I told Linda about this class called Wool Crazy
                        and told her how much fun I was having.
                        Linda explained that she was kind of allergic
                        to wool and would like to join but she wanted
                       to do it in cotton. I was surprised and just said
                       the class is called Wool Crazy!! So as I talked
                       to Jo Ann one day, that Linda would like to
                       take the class but do it in cotton Jo Ann
                       laughed and said there are several people in class
                       who are using cotton. Boy  it's amazing how much
                        we can be oblivious to what's across the table.

Linda has been doing her quilt for a short time but her stitches her appliqué and her Crazy Quilt says volumes about her Crazy Quilt Life.


                             Linda's Crazy Quilt in progress
                                          I love the Birds!
                                                          Wheeler and Lucille


                                       This is just a sample of Linda's CrazY qUILT
                         more pictures to come when she finishes it.



                         Alice and her Crazy Quilt

                             My mother in law will be turning 94 first of the year.

                           Alice was a very busy person and her Crazy quilt is
                           an example of using what fabric she had. I think this
                          is from the 1970 time of quilting.



 I was happy to see these Iris bloom for the first time!

the end