Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jax the Wonder Dog dresses up for Halloween with Sweet Bee Maulie

                         Lights Camera Action!

   Jaxs the Wonder Dog in his Harley Davidson outfit! Jax is ready for the camera.
Well it's Halloween time and all the dogs are ready for trick or treaters! I just had to wrap up my Halloween blog with this and that on Halloween week. I just love a little bit of scary music and a bowl of candy for kids.I do not know why we have to dress up our pets for  Halloween  but it's so funny to see how cute they look.Take a peak at Maulie's friends and their outfits. Jax is a natural.That's what makes Jax a Wonder dog!

                              O.K What's with the hat?                              
      Halle                                            Makenna
Angel a sweet little traveling companion of Jax. Angel a chihuahua travels well in her motor home. Angel also went toYellowstone this summer.


 Makenna without her Halloween Hat!  Makenna is the sweetest  Cocker Spaniel you could ever meet.
                          PetSmarts Halloween Dog Costume Event.

                                                                Jackson the bull dog

There had to be a 
 Halloween Cat somewhere. 

 Headless Horseman Mastiff

                                                             Our Local Postal Dog!


The biggest dog at the event.
Headless Horseman Mastiff!



Little Dog Big Buns 

This is one Friendly Police Dog

 Break in Maulie's shoot

 Little Bee Shitzu loves a good snack while posing for her closeup.

Little Bee Maulie

 Happy Halloween!

 the end.


Julia said...

Hi Cheri. Thanks for pointing me to your blog. Your Maulie is too cute in Halloween costumes. And all the other Halloween doggies too. This must have been a fun event.

I joined your followers and hope that maybe you'll join mine too. I'll add your blog to my list. JB

Julia said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Cheri. Hope that you have a great Halloween with your little dog Maulie. JB