Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Decorating Dept 56 and a sweet gift of a log cabin dollhouse

    Halloween Memories         
 Many many many years ago I was in a drama
 class in high school and we put on Shakespeare's Macbeth.
 I played the part of the second witch and I still remember  my lines
 to this day . As we three witches stirred our cauldron
 (maybe that's why I like little witches) we chanted

Are you frightened?

I guess not.
                       Double, double toil and
              Fire burn and cauldron bubble!!!

Are you spooked yet?

I love this little witch
she is on her way to her first
Halloween .This is  my primitive rughooking of
a little Halloween witch walking down the hill.

It’s Fall and I am  bringing out the decorations. I love the seasons.
 There is something about
 having your husband
swinging down the wooden ladder to go up the stairs in the garage.   Then one after another
he is taking down the  Halloween plastic bins.
I don’t think most men are into the setting up of Halloween but that’s their loss.
 As the sweat pours off his head it’s usually the hottest day of the year
 to be up in the garage attic. Looks of homicide abound from my honey
but I am still so excited to look through my plastic bins. Sometimes you forget
what you have collected  it's been a year you know. I must admit for all
 my years I am somewhat childlike but I don’t care
I appreciate having simple things that can make me so very happy.
I decided to start
a new tradition of Dept 56 Halloween homes. I
I have always liked miniatures since I was first married and so
I just  thought  I'd  like to try this.
  So I was hooked.
I decided to decorate with some Dept 56 homes
 and my daughter would do the same with
  Dept 56 Christmas villages.
I bought a few homes and Halloween accessories and then I went to Michaels
 and bought a couple other items. I am not a purist
Dept 56 but I  think I  have more
 fun improvising the Halloween scenes..I wish you could hear the sounds they make.

My husband is great at making things and working with his hands.
  Jack saw how the Halloween layout was at City Lights in
San Diego was made. and so
  Jack started taking branches and painting them.( It was cheeper then buying plastic trees
and there is an endless supply of  branches)Jack  
 then  used Styrofoam and created a background to the Halloween houses.
 Every year we add  a new building or decoration. .
 The Dept 56 is a a small  part of my fall  decorations.
 I have quilts and a couple rug hookings I  have made.
 It’s taken me a week of moving things around til now I am satisfied.

           So enjoy my decorations and remember
 to enjoy every season of your life
                     by starting new  interests at every stage of your

A Cheri Payne quilt pattern that I made in Halloween
 colors . The little women all have different colors of
 dresses. I just  love dolls with no faces.

Don't forget to click to make this picture bigger.

                                  Dept 56 and  our Halloween layout.                      

Notice the big Halloween cat .He is a hoot!
I made him years ago in a  JoAnn Mullaly doll  class.
 The other JoAnn pattern  kitty is hanging from
the wall with his bag of candy.
If you ever get a chance
to take a doll class from Jo Ann
you'll have a  fun  time.

                                           This building makes all sorts of sounds.It lights up as the mine cars                                              zooms  around the mountain.

 Jack created this log cabin dollhouse for me. I love miniatures and Jack spent
     many hours in the garage with branches. I suggested making a little
    birdhouse. I think the roof is very unusual . There are so many pieces of wood
    in the roof. The hardest part was finding branches that were straight. 

                                               I love the way  Jack  made the windows.I bought that neat
                                               jug in Newport Beach years ago.  It's so small. I wonder
                                               who made it? I sure wish that shop was still there. Years ago
                                               it closed down.

                 Jack made the table and the cupboard.I am still

           Jack put a branch around the base
           of the log cabin dollhouse.       




 I have been playing with crayons.